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Welcome to our complete guide to rocket betting games – where the thrill of betting meets the thrill of rocketry! Discover the exciting world of rocket gambling and learn how to improve your gameplay and increase your chances of success. From understanding the mechanics to finding the best platforms, we have everything you need. Our expert reviews will guide you through the top rocket betting platforms and keep you up to date with the latest trends. Get ready to explore the cosmos of possibilities in this exciting realm of gaming.

Interesting fact: Aviator game, created by SPRIBE in 2019, is considered the ancestor of the 'Crash' games.

List of 7 Best Rocket Betting Sites

Casinois the best in
Pin-upBest overall rocket betting site
BetanoBest to play Lucky Jet
BlazeLargest library of rocket games (+47)
Bet365Best to play Spaceman
KTOIdeal for rocket betting enthusiasts looking for an easy to use platform
Estrela betIdeal for anyone looking for a reliable platform
PixbetIdeal for anyone looking for a rising star in the world of rocket games

How We Selected The Best Rocket Gambling Sites

We approach the choice of a gambling platform with special responsibility. We consider all of the above casinos to be safe and very convenient for gamblers.

Aviation team

Each of the mentioned casinos has been tested according to the parameters Listed below:

  • The number of games available. The best casino should offer players a wide range of entertainment in different categories. For example, there are over 40 rocket games available on the Pin Up website.
  • Ease of Use. An easy-to-use interface also plays an important role when choosing a gambling platform. We found the Bet365 website very comfortable as it is easy to find the popular Spaceman rocket game or any other game.
  • Security and testing. In rocket games for real money, this item is the main one. For example, Betano Casino is licensed by the Curacao Gambling Commission and offers a high level of encryption for player data.
  • Bonuses/Promotions. It's good to start the rocket game process with bonus money. The Blaze website has a 100% first deposit bonus that can also be used to play crash games.
  • Available deposit and withdrawal methods. For Brazilian players, this point is very important. All the rocket gaming platforms mentioned above offer credit cards, e-wallets and, most importantly, the most popular payment system in Brazil called PIX.

The best rocket betting games  

For players looking for exciting and lucrative games, our team has done some thorough research and compiled a list of the best rocket gamble games available. Such a wide variety of available gambling entertainment can be confusing for gamblers. So how do you decide which game to start with? Our team of experts analyzed the most basic characteristics such as gameplay, profitability and user experience. Now you can be sure of the quality of your chosen game.

Aviator Betting Game – Where to play Little Plane Game
Aviator Betting Game – Where to play Little Plane Game
Spaceman Gambling Game – Astronaut Game
Spaceman Gambling Game – Astronaut Game
Lucky JET Gambling Game – Rocket Game
Lucky JET Gambling Game – Rocket Game
JETX Aposta – Where to play, player experience
JETX Aposta – Where to play, player experience
SPACEXY Bet – Where to play Space XY Rocket Game
SPACEXY Bet – Where to play Space XY Rocket Game
Game Dice – Where to play, punters experience
Game Dice – Where to play, punters experience
JetX3 Aposta – Where to play, player experience
JetX3 Aposta – Where to play, player experience
Lucky Jet 2: An online casino game for crash slots fans
Lucky Jet 2: An online casino game for crash slots fans

How to choose the best rocket games for betting

If you are still in doubt about the choice of game, we recommend that you independently check the rocket game for the following specific parameters:

  • Understand the rules. Players should give preference to understandable rocket games. If you do not understand the rules in advance, there is a risk of losing your entire deposit.
  • Check the pay rate. Depending on your budget, you can choose to play with a low betting limit or vice versa. The amount of winnings that players can receive as a result is also very important.
  • Check the provider rocket game. Give preference to a better known provider that has certified its services in the gambling market. This will ensure an honest result. Among the most popular crash game providers are Smartsoft Gaming and Pragmatic Play.
  • Read reviews. Experienced players leave honest reviews on independent forums. This criterion must not be neglected.
betting rocket games

Rocket betting guide

For even more useful information on how to play rocket games online for bets and real money, we invite you to read a brief description of the main features of this type of entertainment.

What is Rocket Gambling?

This type of game can also be called crash games or “instant games”. Why Rocket Games? This is due to game theme. Here you can bet on the flight of a rocket or an airplane. Our experts divided these games into rocket games and avia games. The rocket flies and, during the flight, multiplies your bet. The longer the flight lasts, the larger the multiplier size will be. However, the player's task is withdraw the bet before the rocket explodes or fly off the screen. If you don't have time to withdraw your winnings, your rocket bet will be burned.

How this type of game works

The main advantage of crash games is their simplicity and ease of use. Users don't need to spend a lot of time learning complex rules or getting familiar with the interface. Most game functions are intuitive even for beginners. The main objective of all crash games is to cash out the rocket bet on time and at the same time not miss the desired odds. Make sure you withdraw winnings before the crash occurs.

The size of winnings is determined by the size of the multiplier. The ratio increases every second. The longer the flight duration, the higher the final payment amount. For example, you bet $10 on rocket. It then cashes out the winnings at the time the x2 odds were on the screen. This means that your winnings will be $20, of which 10 is your bet and 10 is your net winnings. However, be aware of all possible risks. If you don't cash out before the crash, or if the multiplier is less than 1, you will lose. In that case, there will be no payments.

Game betting options

To make the gameplay as convenient and optimized as possible, providers provide a number of additional features. One of the most useful is the automatic bet option. The player can set the desired number of spins, the bet size and even the desired odds size. For novice players, the most used automatic option is the $1 bet on the little rocket.

Most crash games offer a wide range of bets. For example, on the website of Betano, in the game JetX, the minimum bets are $1. The maximum bet value for the round is $200 and two bets can be placed at the same time in one round. The chances of winning in these games are also high. For example, on the website of Pin Up, you can play SpaceXY with a high RTP of 97% and a maximum multiplier of up to x1000.

Note that in instant rocket games a lot depends on the player's luck and his ability to listen to his own intuition. You can increase your chances with the help of strategies and recommendations from experienced players.

How to start playing the rocket game

In order for the game to be reliable and safe, you must carefully follow the step-by-step instructions and listen to the recommendations of our experts:

  • Choose a rocket betting casino. The gambling platform must be safe and provide the best entertainment. For this reason, we recommend that you choose a casino from the list presented at the top of the article. You can also see other ranking lists of our company.
  • Use a bonus from a gambling platform that will help you have a risk-free experience or increase your chances of making a profit.
  • Deposit. Real money rocket games are inextricably linked to payouts. It is very important that casino and betting sites offer safe and proven payment methods without large commissions and other hidden fees.
  • Select rocket bet mode as manual or automatic and set the value within the allowed limits.

Will the strategies work in rocket betting games?

Before starting to play, the player must understand that there is no magic secret that will help him repeatedly win in the best rocket games and earn money. However, our team of experts has prepared some valuable recommendations for you. These tips will not guarantee you victory, but they will help you to correctly allocate your budget and bets.

Test the free version

It is worth starting to get acquainted with the game through analysis and study of the rules. However, after that, it's time to test all the knowledge in practice. Starting to play for real money can be risky. For this reason, it is better to run the free version, in other words, a demo version of the game.

In demo mode, you can also participate in chat discussions, view statistics or test different strategies. The best bookmakers, like Blaze, give you access to the free version of the game even without registration.

Use the gambling autoplay feature

Most rocket games have short breaks between rounds. For this reason, sometimes players do not have time to place a bet on time. Fortunately, thanks to the automatic betting feature, you can set not only the rocket bet size, but also the number of spins, the desired amount of winnings, the loss limit and some other parameters.

Remember avia games are crash games

These lucky games are based on fair play technology. They form the best way to ensure results through fair play. This suggests that there is no secret to victory. Sometimes in the chat players can report the appearance of a secret code or robots that can predict winnings. However, all these formulas are unreliable and may even be fraudulent. Furthermore, you must be aware of all risks and understand that using bots or cheat codes can block your account.

Learn how to properly manage your bankroll

If you can manage your budget properly, you will have a greater chance of winning. Just divide your deposit amount by at least 15 bets to get the best odds. If you lose your entire bankroll on a single bet, you will quickly become disillusioned with the game and will not be able to continue. Also, experienced players set limits on the amount lost, the amount won or the amount available for deposits per week/month. After testing the free game, it is recommended that you start making minimum bets. Only after you have enough experience can you start playing for real money and with different amounts.

Use different betting methods

There are a large number of betting strategies that can be applied to rocket games. Among the most popular is the two bet strategy. There is also the low risk strategy with low stakes and the high risk strategy with high stakes.

Also, players often use the Martingale strategy, according to which you need to double the bet on the rocket after each loss, or the Labouchere strategy, according to which the bet does not double, but increases by one unit. These betting strategies will help you to recover all your losses when the round is winning. Each of the betting methods does not guarantee a win, but significantly increases your bets.

Choose the right games to bet on

Choosing the game is one of the main steps in playing rocket games. Approach this responsibly and pay attention to all our recommendations in this article. Remember that the interface must be easy to use and the mechanics of the rocket betting game must be understandable. Also, you should pay attention to reviews about the game and the manufacturer.

Additionally, if you're interested in discovering strategies to increase your chances of winning, you can also look up specific tips for popular games like Aviator. Learning techniques and understanding the dynamics of this game can be an important step to know where to win Aviator.

Increase Your Chances of Winning by Reading Our Expert Rocket Betting Guides 

No matter what kind of game you are interested in, our experienced experts will be able to give you valuable advice and help you make your choice of rocket game with bets.

Why you can trust our professionals

Our experienced experts have been trusted by players for over 10 years. Our reviewers excelled in many areas of online gambling and betting. Our experienced and friendly team specializes in games, bonuses, as well as fairness and security guarantees. We carefully check each game and test not only the demo mode but also the real money game of chance. We also check all gambling platforms for their licenses and secure payment methods. The quality of our reviews is confirmed by more than 10 years of experience in the gambling sector. We've tested over 1.200 online casino apps and over 10.000 games. With us, the gaming experience will become safer and more comfortable.


What is the best rocket game that earns money?

Each player can independently choose the best game that will suit his needs. According to our team, Aviator, JetX and Space XY are recognized as the best games.

What is a rocket betting game?

They are bets on missile-themed crash games.

What category of games do rocket games belong to?

Rocket games belong to the category of crash games or they are also called fast-paced.

What is the logic of this type of game of chance?

The main objective of the little rocket game is to have time to withdraw the prizes during the flight of the rocket. This must be done before the accident occurs.

What are the best online rocket games with bets?

In the list of the best rocket games, you can see Aviator, Space XY, Jet X and Spaceman.

What are the best betting platforms for the rocket game?

The best betting platforms are licensed and offer a high level of security. Among the main betting platforms in Brazil are 1xBet, Parimatch, Betano, Pin Up, Estrela Bet and some others.

How to predict crashes in avia games?

All games work with Probably Fair technology and it is impossible to predict the moment of the fall.

Why should I trust the Aviaorevue team's recommendations for rocket betting?

Our team has 10 years of experience in the gambling industry and only provides honest reviews and valuable advice.