A complete guide to betting, bonuses and payouts at Aviator Estrela Bet

Rocket games » A complete guide to betting, bonuses and payouts at Aviator Estrela Bet

The well-known online platform Estrela Bet in Brazil, among many entertainments, offers every player the opportunity to become a winner in the popular plane game. Readers will learn how to play Aviator and get a complete guide to betting, bonuses and payouts available at the casino.

🚀 Betting Sitestarbet.com
🎮 Casino GameAviator
🔞 Age LimitPG-18
💳 Payment MethodsPix, Credit Card, Boleto, Skrill, Neteller​
💵 Minimum Deposit1 reais
💵 Minimum WithdrawalR$10,00
📈 Max Lootcan vary
😎 Welcome BonusR$200
😎 Promotiontell apart
💵 Currencies AcceptedUS Dollar, Euro, British Pound
🎮 Demo versionYes
📙 Game StrategiesGain based on your own prediction and luck
✅ Casino TrustLicensee (No. 8048-JAZ 2022-010), Registration and Verification Procedure, Transaction Security and Personal Data
📱 Devices to play withweb, app

How to play Aviator Star Bet

Introduction to Estrela Bet

In order to receive a full package of services and features on the gaming portal website, players must register. The button with the corresponding name is located in the upper right corner of the main page of the Estrela Bet website. What does the user need to do to go through this procedure?

  1. The user must click on the icon called Register.
  2. A questionnaire form will open, in which the user must indicate his CPF, first and last name.
  3. Then he will have to create a username and password. In order to play the Aviator Estrela Bet game for money in the future, the user will need to log in to the system. 
  4. The next step for the user is to enter their mobile number and email.
  5. To complete the registration procedure, he must agree to the terms and conditions of Estrela Bet and click on the Finish button.

If the form is filled out correctly, the time spent by a person for registration takes a few minutes. So that the player does not have problems with withdrawing money from the online casino in the future, he needs to enter true data in the appropriate fields during registration. Before starting a serious game at Aviator Estrela Bet, the user must transfer a certain amount to the account. When depositing from 20 reais, the player receives the welcome bonus.

Users can play the plane game in two versions – for money and for free. Compared to other bookmakers, the Estrela Bet platform has a simple and intuitive interface. Finding the betting game is easy, it is located in the top horizontal menu of the main page of the site, below the Aviator icon.

How does Aviator work on the popular Estrela Bet platform?

The 2019 plane slot by the creator company Spribe has taken the gaming community by surprise. Until then, there were games on the global gambling entertainment market, the mechanics of which did not change for a long time. Modern players have positively evaluated the new Aviator project and the betting game online quickly became popular in many online casinos on different continents. 

The logic of the airplane game is simple and the winning opportunities are very attractive. The screen displays the flight of the aircraft, during which the multiplier increases. The bettor must have time to withdraw the money before the plane disappears. For people who want to understand how to play Aviator Estrela Bet, the following step-by-step information will be helpful.

  1. The player needs to know that in order to place bets for money, he must register. Only after depositing the account at the casino, he can start not only playing at Aviator Estrela Bet, but also receiving bonuses.
  2. Before the start of the round, the player can place 1 to 2 bets.
  3. When the plane starts to take off upwards, it triggers an increase in the multiplier.
  4. When the coefficient value reaches an acceptable size for the player, he must click on the button to withdraw money.
  5. If the plane in Aviator Estrela Bet flies off the screen (this action takes from 1 to 30 seconds) – the round will end.
  6. To win, the player must have time to withdraw the money used in the bet before the aircraft disappears.

The main settings of the little plane betting game are at the bottom of the screen. The Aviator Estrela Bet online game has an additional functionality. Betting game chat and blocks with statistic data aim to improve gameplay. Players can place bets not only in manual mode. With Auto Play, members can make Aviator more productive. Activating the cash out function will allow the player to observe the change in the game account value without pressing any buttons.

The platform allows bettors to play Aviator at Estrela Bet not only through the Windows operating system, but also through the cell phone. Users like it when they are not limited to the device. To do so, they first need to download the application for iPhone and Android, on the official website of Estrela Bet. Through applications, players receive the full range of services offered by the brand: the ability to place bets, replenish an account, withdraw money from the casino, participate in promotions and bonus programs, play Aviator and etc.

People almost every day take breaks when the intensity of the life cycle drops sharply. These can be trips by taxi or public transport, waiting for an order in a restaurant, and so on. With mobile devices in hand, people can take advantage of this time to play Aviator Estrela Bet, get excited and win. The application allows the game to easily adapt to the screen of a mobile phone or tablet. For high-quality gameplay, users must use the latest versions of the operating system. When a person is busy playing, the waiting time flies faster.

Detailed information on how to bet on Aviator Estrela Bet

In order to place wagers in the game, players must deposit money into their casino account. There are many offers on the global payment services market, but the Estrela Bet bookmaker has its own priorities. The brand's close collaboration with the Pix payment system allows it to respond quickly and efficiently to the needs of customers in the financial sector.

Players planning to play at Aviator Estrela Bet should note that all money transactions are done through Pix. Such a partnership has special advantages. Bank transfers happen instantly using QR code, CPF or Pix key. The minimum deposit at Estrela Bet online institution is much lower than at other casinos, and is 1 real. But for beginners who make their first deposit, this amount will not be enough to become a welcome bonus member.

As the user does not have to choose between a credit card, virtual wallet or cryptocurrency, the process of depositing funds to play at Aviator Estrela Bet is as simple as possible. He also doesn't have to provide an email address. The proposed form on the gaming platform is the same for all customers. How do I deposit to play the airplane game that earns money?

  1. If a person does not have an account on the online casino website, he will have to register. Regular users log in to Estrela Bet using their password.
  2. A deposit button will appear in the upper right corner, when clicking on it the user will be redirected to a page where he must fill out a form.
  3. Pix will be offered as the only form of payment on the Estrela Bet platform.
  4. Then the user must specify the value.
  5. After that, he must open the bank application, select payments by QR code and scan the code generated on the screen.
  6. The user's last option is to confirm the transaction.

A similar sequence of actions is for a bettor who wants to withdraw money from the Estrela Bet online casino. The minimum amount in this case is 10 reais, the payment system for the transaction is Pix. In addition, the user will need to confirm his data. The impossibility of choosing payment methods to play at Aviator Estrela Bet is compensated by the reliability and speed of transfers.

Bonus for playing at Aviator Estrela Bet

In order for a new user to take advantage of the welcome bonus offer after registration, they must make a first deposit of at least R$20. Estrela Bet's welcome offer is a 100% bonus on the first deposit up to R$200. From the moment of registration, the player must use the bonus funds to play the plane game within 30 days. To withdraw these funds, the player must wager the entire bonus amount 50 times on the Aviator. These promotions also apply to Spaceman and Blackjack online games.

The casino administration regularly holds various temporary promotions using a promotional code. Players can also participate in exciting tournaments and activities. The quality of an online casino bonus policy is determined by several factors. Players should be aware of the conditions for receiving the bonus. In general, the activation process for most bonuses usually consists of the following steps:

  • Go through a complete registration and verification procedure on the portal.
  • Study the terms and conditions of the promotion to receive the bonus. Sometimes it is necessary to activate the bonus program manually.
  • Perform the necessary action to receive the bonus. This can be balance replenishment, slot activity, tournaments or events.
  • Wagering the bonus amount. Information about the bet, rollover terms and money limits for spins are always indicated in the conditions of the promotion.

After completing these steps, the user can withdraw the earned funds in the manner offered by the casino. In addition, players should be aware of other details. For example, a promotion can be limited in time. Also, some bonuses can only be used once.

Free bets to play Aviator Estrela Bet

For additional bets on the plane game, players can use funds received as a result of participating in bonus programs, except those with specific special conditions. There is currently a 100% first deposit bonus with which players can earn free bets for additional spins.

What are the best strategies for Aviator Estrela Bet?

Many gamblers use various popular methods to play the game of chance. This is not bad, as a person must have his own style of airplane play, which depends on the degree of excitement, emotional expectation and financial capabilities. The main thing is for players to understand that using different strategies in the Aviator Estrela Bet game does not guarantee 100% winnings. The gambling game mechanics consist of random elements, so the luckiest players usually win.

However, there are some strategies most used at Aviator Estrela Bet that can increase players' chance of winning depending on their experience and willingness to take risks. The tips below may help gameplay for users who are at different stages of enhancing their experience of playing Aviator online.

  1. Method 1 bet with a small multiplier. If a player has not previously played the plane game, he should not start making 2 bets per round. The gameplay in Aviator at Estrela Bet is dynamic and it is difficult for a beginner to follow 2 bets at the same time. Tips for these players – it's best to place 1 bet at a time and withdraw it when the multiplier is between x1,2-x1,3. Thus, the number of rounds won in Aviator will prevail over losses.
  2. 2 bet method with small multipliers. Such a strategy will not bring big wins in the plane game, but it will allow the player to finish in the blue. For a bet on Aviator Estrela Bet, the participant can use auto cash out. In the settings, it must specify the multiplier size x1.2. The player can withdraw the second bet manually with a coefficient of x1,3-x1,4. This method at Aviator Estrela Bet is a little more risky than the first one, but the payoff can be a little higher.
  3. Method of 2 bets with different multipliers. This strategy is used by experienced players who like to take risks. In the Aviator game, they make one bet in auto cash out mode and withdraw the second one manually with high odds. This method involves the use of blocks with stats by the player. The player analyzes the maximum multiplier data in previous rounds of Aviator Estrela Bet and waits for a certain amount of time to place bets online.
  4. Martingale Method. This strategy is based on doubling the bet size after each lost round by the player. For example: if an Aviator player made a bet of 5 reais and lost, then in the next round he bets 10 reais. If the round is lost again, the bet size increases again and reaches 20 reais. This cycle at Aviator Estrela Bet continues until the player wins. After winnings, the player makes a bet of 5 reais, as it was at the beginning of the Spribe game. Then the Martingale method is activated again.
  5. Tips for using Aviator gambling demo version. In order for beginners to feel more confident, it is better to first learn the betting game in demo mode. In addition, with this online game variant, the user can try out different strategies at Aviator Estrela Bet and choose the one that suits him best. This version of the betting game is free and financially secure.
  6. Analysis of block information with statistics and use of auto game settings. For greater comfort and productivity, Aviator Estrela Bet is equipped with an autoplay function. Players can place and withdraw bets in automatic mode. This feature greatly simplifies the gameplay. By analyzing personal and overall statistics at Aviator Estrela Bet, players can build their own strategy.
  7. Responsible gaming. Gamblers must treat gambling as entertainment. People should not overestimate the expectations of the Aviator game, because the result is not always positive. The gameplay is a fun moment passed by the player, generating an emotional and adrenaline explosion. The win is probably a bonus for the time spent by a person in the Aviator Estrela Bet game.

The described tips will help users to improve their gaming style. There is no perfect strategy to win 100% at online casino games. Players can only rely on luck and knowledge of the logic of the betting game. At Aviator Estrela Bet, winning is a lucky amalgamation of random combinations and player intuition.

Real testimonials from players who won at Aviator Estrela Bet


“The game at Aviator Estrela Bet is fair and open, I like to win here. This slot is very different from the ones I've played. In the Aviator betting game, I decide when to withdraw the bet myself. This is a big advantage, because the outcome of the victory depends on me. I make 10 to 20 bets a day and I earn an average of 650 reais. The game at Aviator Estrela Bet is fair, all my winnings data and that of other players are open, which is why I prefer this slot. By registering on this gaming platform, I received a nice casino bonus, which I spent on betting at Aviator.”

Peter, age is 48 years.

My brother and I play Aviator Estrela Bet and win often. When I started playing this game, I lost my first three bets. I bet 10 reais on each one. But the fourth time I got lucky and won 120 reais. Aviator is a cool game, very addictive. Then I played for 15 minutes and won 920 reais. My brother also wanted to try it out, but first he had to register on the casino website. He played Aviator Estrela Bet for half an hour, but bet 5 reais each. He ended up winning 550 reais. I was luckier than him

Peter, age is 48 years.

Is Aviator Estrela Bet reliable?

The online gambling market is constantly expanding, such is the worldwide trend. Demand creates supply and modern technology allows new game products like the Aviator to be created quickly. Consequently, the number of online casinos offering players the opportunity to try their hand at gambling is also growing. What aspects attest to the reliability and honesty of the Estrela Bet virtual platform?

  1. The brand is licensed. This is the main argument that this online casino is reliable. The cost of a license is high, and an establishment as reputable as Estrela Bet has spent many years and efforts to take its rightful place in the gaming market. The site is interested in a long and stable partnership with players not only from Brazil, but also from many other countries.
  2. The casino has a wide range of high-quality gaming content, thanks to cooperation with reputable providers. These reputable companies strive to present their products, including Aviator Estrela Bet, on reliable resources. There are many slots from worldwide providers in the catalog of online casinos, which indicates that this platform is solid. This institution is one of the bookmakers that uses in its assortment only original slots that work on manufacturers' platforms. Aviator Estrela Bet and all other products presented on the site are certified.
  3. The casino works efficiently on both desktop and mobile versions. Players also have the option to play on mobile devices using the iPhone and Android apps.
  4. All reputable bookmakers, including Estrela Bet, offer their customers extensive bonus programs. Registered users participate in many bonus promotions held by the brand administration.
  5. The casino has a good reputation. This is evidenced by the responses of people on social networks. People like to visit the Star Aviator Bet Telegram. The objectivity and positivity of the publications attests to the reliability of the gaming platform.
  6. The use of high-tech encryption methods on the website indicates that it is completely secure. This factor also ensures the protection of money transfers and customers' personal data.
  7. Players like the timeliness of winning payouts. This is guaranteed thanks to Estrela Bet's fruitful cooperation with a reputable payment system.

The criteria listed above are the main factors a player relies on when choosing an online casino. As a rule, such requirements are an interpretation of the rules and conditions that the market imposes on the functioning of gaming platforms.

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Expert tips for playing Aviator Estrela Bet

Airplane gambling is popular not only on this online platform, but also in many bookmakers around the world. The slot mechanics are simple and the rules are clear. Many players underestimate the dynamism of Aviator and don't fully understand the randomness of the elements that make up the game. What tips do experts give gamblers for playing gambling?

This project appeared in virtual casinos in 2019 and quickly became popular. Over the years, many online resources have published in-depth guides to game strategy (such as our review). Users can read the presented tips and take them into account to play further.

There is also a lot of useful information in the Estrela Bet review. It often contains not only news related to bonus offers, but also tips from professionals on popular games. Since this betting game, in addition to the money version, also has a demo, users can explore all the available nuances for free. This type of introduction to Aviator at Estrela Bet is suitable for beginners.

Many online forums and social networks publish information on this topic on their pages. Users ask their questions there, get answers and share their gaming experience. Players will benefit from video tutorials and walkthroughs posted on YouTube, Telegram, etc. The displayed information about the betting game is better perceived by people and is more accurate.

Readers can find out about the Aviator betting project news and updates on the provider's official website. Experienced players know that this game for money, like any other gambling entertainment, requires special attention. It is undesirable for players to act randomly and simply press buttons on the screen. They need to analyze the situation, follow the rules and contain their emotions. Only in this case, players can count on winning the Aviator.

Frequently asked questions

What is the minimum amount to deposit at Aviator Estrela Bet?

Due to the fact that this bookmaker cooperates with the Pix payment system, players have the opportunity to make a minimum deposit of 1 real. But beginners should keep in mind that to receive a 100% welcome bonus, they need to make their first deposit of at least 20 reais. The total amount of the bonus in this case does not exceed 200 reais.

How to win money at Estrela Bet casino?

Players shouldn't look for a winning formula on Aviator because it doesn't exist. Luck and using proper strategies will help players to increase the chances of winning.

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