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A new Aviatrix crash project conquers the gaming space in the world's online casinos at a rapid pace. Although the simplicity of the mechanics and the dynamism of the winnings correspond to the category to which the slot belongs, the additional possibilities in the area of ​​customization make it special. In this game, the player, at will, can not only place bets, but also improve the light engine plane with which he earns money.

In this review, fans of adventure and airship flight will learn a lot of useful information about the game itself and how to play Aviatrix. A comprehensive analysis of gameplay, bonuses and graphics will allow users to get a general impression of the project and evaluate its benefits. Players will also learn how to accept betsolutions and use strategies. This crash game has risen to a new level with its own attractive features.

For Brazilian players who like crash style slots, where they can win a lot of money in a few seconds, Aviatrix review will help to discover new opportunities. Many people love gambling, especially if their bets are winning. This casino game will allow players to continue to play and compete with each other for additional prizes.

Overview of the exciting Aviatrix game

The international company released a colorful plane game of the same name in 2022. It is the world's first NFT slot in the crash category. Players place 1-2 bets and try to land a fast-flying light engine plane before it explodes. In the Aviatrix airplane game, players can earn rewards for participating in a special program. They can use the accumulated points to upgrade their NFT plane model.

Recent statistics show that this game is played by tens of thousands of Brazilian users. But the number of Aviatrix fans is growing rapidly. The slot is especially popular with the younger generation, especially as it has a high RTP like all games in this group. Many game content creators are currently working on a flying theme. And that is justified. The theme is in vogue right now. 

Crash games that appeared a few years earlier still fail to saturate the consumer market. People love games related to the world of pilots, planes and airship adventures. The Aviatrix rocket game is a successful project that meets consumer needs.

aviatrix bet

Features of the game mechanics Aviatrix

The slot's UI and controls are intuitive for punters. The rules and mechanics are simple and easy for users to learn. The ease of navigation in the Aviatrix simulator ensures a smooth and fun gaming experience. Before launching the slot, people accept betsolutions depending on whether they intend to play with money or not. In order for the bets made by the player to bring real winnings, he needs to register on the online casino website and transfer the required amount to his account.

When starting the slot, the user selects one of the offered versions. Both demo mode and real money play on Aviatrix have identical gameplay. The player makes bets, looks at the screen and sees how the multiplier increases during the flight of the aircraft. Each round lasts no more than 30 seconds. To win in Aviatrix, the player needs to land the little plane before it explodes. What are the gameplay components?

  1. Before participating in the next round of the game, the player needs to place 1 or 2 bets online. To do this, he can either use the automatic betting and withdrawal functions or press the buttons manually each round. All the buttons and settings for autoplay play are at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Underneath the big blue button labeled Place bet are features that the player needs to enable if they want to run the auto-withdraw functionality on the Aviatrix. To do this, he uses the small Auto play button and moves the cashout slider (located slightly to the left) to the desired multiplier value. During the game, when the multiplier reaches the value specified by the player, bets will be withdrawn automatically.
  3. After players have placed their bets and launched the Aviatrix slot, they watch a colorful plane soar high above the clouds on the screen. The longer the online game round lasts, the higher the aircraft model climbs and the higher the multiplier value.
  4. In each round, the plane explodes. The player needs to press the withdraw money button and land the air transport before the explosion occurs. By doing so, the player will become the winner and their bets will be won.
  5. All components of the Aviatrix air adventure game are randomized. The main aspect on which the result depends is the timely actions of bettors. The winning amount consists of the bet multiplied by the coefficient.

Participants in the Aviatrix game, if they wish, can compete with each other for additional bonus prizes. The developers also provide players with an offer to customize the initial model of a light engine NFT aircraft with the possibility of further improvements. Participation in this casino bonus program is optional. But those Aviatrix players who receive bonus points and use them for external tuning of their aircraft end up with a very different model than the one they started with.

When a player places bets on this game, a small image of an improved NFT plane is placed in the first tab on the right, in front of the user's pseudonym. Models in Aviatrix crash are different, their appearance depends on the number of bonus experience points received by the player. In the second tab, the player will find information about his bets. At the top of the game screen there is a line with the maximum multiplier values ​​that have been randomly reached in the last rounds.

The RTP of the Aviatrix slot has not been officially released, but the average RTP for crash games is believed to be 97%. The volatility is medium, which allows players to win big cash prizes. The game was created using provably fair technology, which excludes any outside interference in the gameplay and guarantees its transparency.

Game graphics and sound design in Aviatrix

The runway and surrounding scenery are decorated in warm yellow-orange tones. The original model of the aircraft in the Aviatrix is ​​red. This is a light engined biplane of last century design. Next to him in the sky, players can see other planes, some of them rushing to the surface of the earth, others continue to fly. The higher the biplane climbs in the game, the darker the horizon becomes. If the flight lasts long enough, the plane can soar into space, where unknown planets, galaxies and asteroids fly around.

The developers managed to introduce additional graphic elements that distinguish the project from similar games. In the upper right corner of the Aviatrix crash, participants can see an online graph of the biplane's flight, in which dots appear at different heights. These circles indicate to players, who have already sent their planes and who have received the winnings of their bets in the game, for a landing. 

The discreet musical soundtrack ends with the sound of an explosion. The melody is energetic and matches the colorful plane rides. If the player has activated automatic settings for betsolutions, each successful landing of the aircraft is accompanied by a signal. If desired, the player can disable the soundtrack, the corresponding icon is located at the top next to the balance indicator on the game account.

The most interesting graphical feature of the Aviatrix is ​​the Build Mode. Using these features, players change the look of their plane and make it unique. None of the crash games have this function. People can choose different colors for the pieces, change their shapes and add their own elements (propellers, wings, etc.). They are inspired by the fact that the final version of your NFT plane is unlike any other.

Bonus in-game Aviatrix

Users who bet on the aviation game and win can become members of a special loyalty program, in which the player receives experience points as a bonus reward. With these points, players change and unify the NFT image of their aircraft. There are also daily contests between players to win additional prizes.

Every reputable online casino offers users a bonus for registering and making the first deposit to a personal gaming account. This offer from bookmakers is called welcome. This bonus includes a cash reward as a percentage of a certain amount and free spins. After the player has fulfilled all the wagering requirements, the funds received as a welcome can be used for additional wagers on the Aviatrix game.

Casino administrations and their partners often run temporary promotions dedicated to significant games or events. If a player participates in such an event, he can receive a bonus in the form of a promo code and additional free spins. To do this, the user needs to enter a set of characters and numbers in the appropriate field of the personal account. Players can also use these funds to play Aviatrix.

Popular strategies in the Aviatrix rocket game

Many players strive not only to enjoy the game, but also to win more often. To increase the chances of winning in this aerial slot, players can use popular betting strategies. It is important that people do not set too high expectations and manage to control their bankroll and time spent playing. What strategies are applicable in Aviatrix and what useful tips should players keep in mind?

  1. To get acquainted with the mechanics and rules of the project, players should practice and gain experience in the demo version of the game. Such a scheme is free of charge and has no risk to participants' money. In case a player is faced with a choice of strategy, the demo version of Aviatrix is ​​the best option for experimentation. 

If the player uses the demo mode, there is no need to register and make a deposit to the account. He should also be aware that for betting and winnings, game currency will be used, which the player cannot withdraw.

  1. It is better for beginner players to use a single bet based strategy. In this case, it becomes easier for the participant to concentrate and withdraw the bets before the biplane explodes. Players can apply whatever strategy in the Aviatrix is ​​most productive for them. They can choose any of these methods: Martingale, D'Alembert, Fibonacci, Labouchere's, etc. 

But it's better to start the game with small amounts of money. As players gain more confidence in their own abilities, they can increase the size of their bets.

  1. More experienced players use the 2 bet strategy to play the Aviatrix simulator at the online casino. They place a bet and withdraw it automatically, and the second – manually with a high multiplier, which they choose themselves. To capture a good moment, players carefully analyze the line that informs about the maximum multipliers achieved in the Aviatrix in the last dozens of rounds. In case of luck, the winnings can be big.

Players should understand that although the game has a high RTP and medium volatility, there are plenty of chances to win here, but losses also happen. Using a strategy can help the player achieve their goals in the Aviatrix, but cannot guarantee victory. In case of defeat, the participant should not be upset, as he can return to the casino later and try his luck.

Aviatrix crash game user experience

This game belongs to the crash games category, on topics related to air travel in different means of transport: plane, rocket, airship, spaceship, etc. Slots of this type are innovative and gaining popularity in casinos around the world. The recently released Aviatrix simulator has attracted the younger generation of gamers because it has the ability to customize the NFT image of the aircraft and further improve its external appearance.

Sharing their impressions and experiences on various Internet resources, users note a special passion for the Aviatrix and the fact that they like the return on this game. The competitive environment present in the community allows players to stand out not only for their earnings, but also for their aircraft models.

Players can play Aviatrix Crash using the mobile version of the casino or by downloading the app. The game works flawlessly when launched from different mobile devices, laptops and computers. Many gamers have experience playing Aviatrix on iOS or Android based smartphones. As the technical requirements for the devices are minimal, high game quality is guaranteed even when players use low-performance mobile phones.

Interests of the Aviatrix gaming community

The gameplay in Aviatrix crash is very exciting and the additional features are based on the latest technology. The game's main target audience is bettors between 18 and 30 years old. The project is new and unusual, and therefore a lot and often discussed in the community on forums and social networks. 

Players who have tried Aviatrix leave positive comments about the game and share their impressions. In order to raise awareness of the nuances of the slot, it is important for users to actively participate in the Aviatrix gaming community.

What attracts players to the Aviatrix game?

Summing up all the above aspects and factors concerning this project, we can confidently state that this aviation slot deserves a top place among crash games. Fans of dangerous adventures with an airplane or airship will love the Aviatrix. In addition to the betting features, the game has additional NFT features. This factor is especially appealing to the younger generation of gamers.

This overview provided users with detailed background information about the project. Sections of the article introduce players to how to play Aviatrix crash, how to place bets, and how to use strategies to increase your chances of winning. Players can also find information about the game's graphic design and soundtrack, additional features, and how to use the NFT builder for aircraft.

Players must try to be a fearless pilot in the Aviatrix. The excitement and earnings from the bets made make free time in the casino gaming environment not only exciting, but also profitable.

Main features

🚀 Game typeAvia
📅Game release date2022
📈 RTPnot officially released
📈 max multiplierx10000
💵minimum betR$ 0.5
💵Maximum betR$ 50
🎮Where to play?Pin Up, Betano, KTO, Estrela Bet, Blaze

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