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Fans of virtual travel in a hot air balloon and airship have positively rated the Balloon slot. As in all airplane games, the player makes a bet and, trusting his intuition, must withdraw it before the orange balloon bursts. But this project has super simple mechanics and clear rules. A distinguishing feature of this game from similar games is that in a round in Balloon the player makes only one bet and decides whether to continue inflating the balloon or not.

In this review, users have the opportunity to get acquainted with a comprehensive analysis of not only the gameplay, but also the graphic design and bonuses. The information presented in the article will allow bettors to get a general impression of an exciting crash game with a balloon. Players can also learn here how to use different Balloon betting strategies that increase their chances of winning and how to control their playing time and money balance in their online casino account.

Players from Brazil who like dynamic slots with online betting and quick wins prefer to play Balloon. Whether or not a player becomes a winner depends on his actions, intuition and luck. By registering on the website of a trusted casino and depositing money into the game account, gamblers can enjoy their free time playing Balloon.

Review of a balloon game called Balloon

This casino project was created by Smartsoft Gaming in 2019. Among all crash games from this creator, the yellow inflatable balloon game is one of the most minimalist. Balloon's RTP is 96%. The maximum bet is 20 reais, minimum – 0,50 reais. The slot is equipped with provably fair technology, which in turn ensures the transparency of the game process and excludes interference.

Around one hundred thousand Brazilian users play Balloon. The theme of the story was born out of the players' passion for hot air balloon and blimp adventures. But in this case, the participant does not need to fly anywhere, he just inflates the balloon so that it does not burst and the bet made does not lose. It is impossible to rule out an accident with the main character of this crash game, but it is perfectly feasible for the player to apply a strategy that can reduce the damage.

Main Balloon Game Mechanics

Balloon slot, located in the online casino menu, has two modes. Depending on the player's plans, he can choose to play the demo version or gamble with real money. For a more serious crash game, the user must register on the selected casino platform and deposit a certain amount into his account. These steps are not required to play in demo mode. Balloon's mechanics are simple and the same for both versions.

  1. The player's first action will be to accept the betsolutions. After choosing the bet size and the number of rounds the player intends to participate in, he starts the slot.
  2. Then he will have to choose a bet from the bottom row of the menu (0,10 – 0,50 – 1,00 – 5,00 – 10,00 – 50,00 – 100,00).
  3. By pressing the round ruby ​​button on the Balloon, the player starts to inflate the yellow balloon placed in the center of the screen.
  4. In order for the inflation process in the airship game to continue, the player must hold the round button.
  5. As soon as the participant releases the ruby ​​button, the Balloon round ends and he wins.
  6. The longer the player holds the button, the more the balloon inflates. Depending on its size, it can change color from yellow to orange and red.
  7. The larger the object size and the in-game multiplier, the more saturated the color becomes.
  8. The player must be aware that the balloon can burst at any second and he will lose the bet placed on the Balloon.
  9. To win, the participant needs to release the button before the balloon bursts.

On the left side of the screen, there are two tabs with statistical information about the highest overall winnings and the player's personal bets – these are additional information resources. The game is individual and the participant himself decides when to start the round and when to release the button. Winnings are automatically added up and the player sees the amount on the inflated balloon. From the analysis of the mechanics in Balloon, it is concluded that the crash game is very simple and straightforward to use.

The slot's design is intuitive and even a beginner can handle its simple navigation. The quality navigation function offers bettors a smooth and exciting gaming experience. Players can receive bonuses and free spins on Balloon under general conditions. To do this, they need to register with the casino and create a personal account, make a deposit and receive a welcome bonus. The money received after wagering with this bonus, users can spend on additional rounds in Balloon.

Also, players here can use the bonuses received for participating in events that the online casino holds for its customers who participate in many games. The slot's medium volatility and high RTP of 96% provide players with a good win rate. However, the result always depends on the betsolutions and the luck of those playing in Balloon.

Balloon game graphic and sound design

The game's graphic and sound design elements are in perfect balance with each other. These aspects are minimalist and unobtrusive. The color palette is well chosen. A yellow balloon on a blue background and a ruby ​​button contrast nicely on the Balloon screen. There is no background music.

As the sphere inflates, it increases in size and changes color, first to orange and then to red. The bettor hears a characteristic whistling sound that imitates the balloon filling up with air. When it bursts, the small orange particles fly in different directions with a corresponding sound. If the player stops the balloon filling process in time and wins the game, a salute of coins appears on the screen, accompanied by a short cheerful soundtrack that signals victory in the Balloon.

Balloon game bonus features

This project does not provide bonuses. Players can participate in various incentive programs. To use bonuses and free spins in this balloon online game, users need to register on the official casino website to replenish their account with money. They will be able to get welcome offers and participate in other bonus activities carried out on the gaming platform. In this case, the funds and promo codes that players will receive to win or participate in various events can be used in the Balloon simulator.

The strategies used in the Balloon game

All people like to win and nobody wants to lose. Naturally, players are looking for ways to increase their chances of winning. To achieve this goal, players can use appropriate strategies in the crash game. The main thing for them is not to overdo their aspirations and rationally perceive the gameplay of Balloon.

  1. The most famous is the Martingale game strategy. Using this method, participants double their bet amount after the balloon bursts and the round is lost. This process is repeated with each bet size until the player wins. After that, it returns to the initial bet size and the game enters the doubling cycle again.
  2. In Balloon, players also use the D'Alembert strategy. To begin with, the player takes betsolutions and sets the value of a certain amount of money, which he accepts as a currency unit. After a winning round in Balloon, the player reduces the next bet by the previously chosen coin value. If it loses, it does the opposite and increases the next bet by one currency.
  3. The Fibonacci strategy can also be used by players in this game. Its essence is that after losing, the participant increases the bet for the next round in a special way. He adds the amounts of the two previous bets and receives the necessary amount to continue playing in Balloon.
  4. Popular strategies do not always match the player's playing style. For any user, the best method will be to try out the chosen strategy for Balloon in the demo version. In this case, the risk is eliminated and the gameplay is free. In addition, the player thus receives the necessary experience for a more confident game.

What should players always remember? None of the existing strategies can guarantee the player's victory. The purpose of using different methods of how to play Balloon is to increase the chance of winning and nothing else. The size of the winning prize is equal to the stake multiplied by the multiplier. As in all games of this type, the coefficient can reach large numbers. But for such an achievement in Balloon, the player will need more experience and luck.

Balloon game user experience

The game is individual, colorful and fun. The player does not need to rush, he starts each round by himself by pressing the appropriate button. You don't have to spend a lot of time learning the rules and gameplay. Balloon is an accessible and understandable project for the gaming audience. The player accumulates experience quickly and victories happen frequently. Each user has the opportunity to return to Balloon at any time convenient for him.

To improve comfort and increase mobility, users can play this crash game using the mobile version of the casino of their choice or by downloading and installing a branded application on their mobile devices. To optimize gameplay on a mobile phone, users should update the operating system in advance and clear the cache periodically. When playing Balloon, players must follow safe play rules.

To avoid problems, people should use to bet on slots only money that they can lose in everyday life. Time spent playing crash games should also be limited. The most reputable bookmakers publish tips for this case in their resources. If the player has no one to consult, he can use the relevant information from the casino's resources. This offer will help the player take the first steps towards resolving the issue.

Community for Balloon game

Players who prefer to play games with bets and multipliers, related to hot air balloons or airships, like to win at Balloon slot. The project's target audience consists of players aged between 18 and 60 years old. Users of social networks and visitors to thematic forums are important to participate in the Balloon community.

What are the main aspects of the Balloon game described in the review?

This crash game deserves a place on any casino's menu. The slot is clear, dynamic and it is easy for participants to bet and win money. Balloon's RTP is 96% and this fact is particularly appreciated by players. The project belongs to the category of individual crash games. The player has the possibility to decide when to start a round and when to end it. If a participant is lucky enough to wait for a large multiplier, their win will be solid.

Balloon is a crash game worth trying for players who like airship themes, thrills and big wins. Armed with luck, courage and intuition, people who play Balloon simulator reach new heights in the exciting casino game environment.

Ballon game in general

🚀 Game typeCrash games
(I.e.Providersmartsoft gaming
📅Game release date2019
📈 RTP98%
💵minimum betR$ 0,5
💵Maximum betR$ 20
🎮Where to play?Pin Up, Betano, KTO, Estrela Bet, Blaze

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