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Known as the airplane game among gamers, JetX has won the loyalty of players in Brazil since its launch and is now in second place behind Aviator. This game is on the wave of Blast Games. The Rocket Game is a new type of slot machine with simplified mechanics and high chances of winning. In this article, you will learn even more useful information about Jetx gambling, as well as learn about the main aspects of online gambling and how to work with betting strategy.

Game Overview JetX Bet the Truth

The new product from developer Smartsoft Gaming is based on innovative JS and HTML5 technologies. JetX is made in the arcade genre. The theme when you play JetX is based around flight and space. The only character is a jet plane, sometimes called a rocket. The device is equipped with bonus features and lucrative offers from the developer, which include the jackpot. The minimum bet is 0,1 and the maximum bet is 300 in casino currency.

JetX game stands out among similar video games. This is not a classic "one-armed bandit". Your goal is to play JetX to increase the odds. Exciting Responsible Gaming allows players to receive cash prizes of different amounts. The JetX scheme implies that it is the player who decides when it is better to prevent the plane from taking off into the sky and when to withdraw winnings. The size of the prize gradually increases as the aircraft takes to the sky. The player's main task is to stop in time and withdraw the money with the highest coefficient.

Thanks to high-quality graphics and vivid gameplay, JetX evokes pleasant emotions when playing games. Developer Smartsoft Gaming has added breathtaking visuals to the astronaut game. Due to the positive experience of the astronaut game, punters want to come back again and again.

Rocket JET X

How the Jetx Game Works

If you've ever come across crash games, then you probably noticed not only the simplified graphics, but also the unusual mechanics. Here it is not necessary to add the same symbols in a row, as in ordinary slot machines. The prize and its size are determined by the multiplier that appears on the screen from the first second. The size of the multipliers will directly depend on the duration of the flight. The player's winnings are determined according to the scheme: the bet is multiplied by the odds.

Consider this as an example. You have placed a bet worth R$5,00. When the x3 multiplier appeared on the screen, you cashed out the bet. This means that your payment will be 5×3=15 reais. Of this amount, 5 reais is your bet and another 10 reais is your net profit.

The earnings scheme in the JetX game is simple and tempting, but every player should be aware of the risks. The prize is only counted if the player manages to withdraw the money before the crash. If the coefficient at the time of withdrawal is less than x1,1, your bet will also be lost.

JETX rocket game

Rocket Game Loot Feature

The main goal when playing JetX is to catch the moment with the maximum coefficient and have time to withdraw money before the plane explodes. Your winnings will be formed by multiplying the bet amount by the coefficient. If the plane crashes before the money is withdrawn, the bet will be completely burned. This means that the Cash Out option is the main one and must be used correctly in each round. The plane could explode at any moment. The drop does not depend on the odds or the time of the round. The player must be careful and place his bets reasonably. There are 2 ways to withdraw:

  • manual – you observe the flight yourself and use the appropriate button at the right time;
  • automatic – you specify the coefficient you want to hit or consider suitable and less dangerous, and money is withdrawn when you play JetX and it hits you.

JetX also offers two bets per spin at the same time. There are many strategies that teach players how to play JetX correctly, spread the budget and use two bets at the same time. In addition, according to many betting methods, you can switch between automatic and manual withdrawal modes.

If you doubt that you will be able to stop in time, you can use auto cashout and, even before the JetX starts, choose the size of the odds you are looking for. This will warn you against impulsive actions during the astronaut game.

Aviaorevue's team of experts constantly monitors trends in this area and has noticed several patterns. Based on game models, it was found that a multiplier greater than x50 appears on screens no more than once per hour. And if we talk about x100 multipliers, it happens once every 2 or 3 hours. According to these observations, it is not recommended to bet immediately after high multipliers. It's better to skip a few rounds and get into the JetX rocket game later.

How to Play JetX: Placing Bets

In recent years, JetX has gained popularity with punters looking for exciting and innovative ways to try their luck. From its unique features to winning strategies, this article will give you a complete understanding of the JetX game. JetX is a unique and innovative astronaut game that combines elements of strategy, luck and attention to detail. JetX gives you the opportunity to be part of an amazing virtual world where each round brings new opportunities to win.

One of the features of JetX is that you don't need to be a professional gamer to enjoy this astronaut game. Playing astronaut is simple and fun. In addition, Jet X offers the opportunity to win real money. Keep in mind that to play JetX, every decision you make can lead to significant odds, which makes this astronaut game not only fun, but also potentially profitable.

Rocket Game Bet Types

There are several types of games of chance that can be available in the rocket game. Depending on the provider, a single bet or multiple bets may be available. JetX has two bets per round. However, there is still a large selection of betting strategies that can combine multiple bets and alternate them with single bets. Among the most popular ones, there is always a minimum risk strategy, as well as a high risk strategy, which is based on low and high fees, respectively.

The maximum and minimum bet size on JetX should be flexible and suitable for both beginners and experienced bettors. Fortunately, on JetX, the minimum bet is only 1 real, while the maximum bet can be up to 300 reais (R$). This is a pretty wide range that will allow players to apply different strategies. If a player with a high bet achieves a high coefficient, the winnings will be very large.

Bets on JetX are managed by the following buttons:

  • confirm bet: after setting your preferred bet size, you have to confirm it with this button.
  • 2x: With this option, you can instantly double your bet if you want to risk even more.
  • autoplay: Allows players to set various features to automatically start the astronaut game, such as the number of rounds and the balance at which rounds should be stopped.
  • Add Amount (Add Value): Allows players to quickly increase their bets using the plus and minus buttons located on the bottom bar.
  • automatic withdrawal: sets the multiplier value at which bets will be automatically closed.
  • 50% automatic withdrawal: this feature allows you to withdraw only 50% of the balance when a certain multiplier is reached. This feature is not available in all crash games.
  • Sale: displays the balance available for betting on the JetX game, including winnings from recent spins.

Best Betting Strategy

Experienced players develop their betting strategies to increase their chances of winning. Using an effective strategy can greatly increase your chances of winning at Astronauta. However, it is important to remember that there is no “perfect” strategy that guarantees success. It all depends on the specific situation, your personal preferences, your playing style and the level of risk you are willing to take.

A simple and popular strategy is the “double bet” strategy. This strategy involves doubling your bet after each loss to recover lost funds and win a little more. This strategy can be quite effective if you have enough capital and are willing to take a high level of risk.

Another strategy that some players use when playing JetX online is called “Martingale”. This strategy also involves doubling the bet after each loss, but it is subject to certain conditions.

It's worth noting that none of these strategies guarantee gains, and it's important to always manage your funds responsibly. After all, JetX is an astronaut's game of chance and there is always an element of risk involved. Both strategy and tactics in JetX should be based on your personal preferences and comfort level.

Responsible gaming is the key to success. Some players prefer to play it safe, making small bets and gradually increasing them. Others prefer to play JetX aggressively, betting big from the start. It's important to find a balance that works for you. Also, don't forget to choose the right betting platform and payment method. You need to be sure of the security of your personal information as well as the security of payments.

Which Site to Use to Bet on JetX?

The security of the gaming process as a whole is determined by the right choice of a betting/casino platform. Players understand the importance of this process and spend a lot of time looking for decent online casinos or bookmakers. The team of experts has already analyzed the most popular sites in Brazil and brings to your attention the best online casinos with generous welcome:

  • pinup,
  • Pixbet,
  • bethan,
  • Blaze,
  • KTO

Pin Up

A popular online casino that has been operating in the Latin American market since 2018. The platform is licensed by Curacao. Useful information for players:

  • Welcome Bonus – 100% on first deposit.
  • Minimum deposit – from 10 BRL.
  • Minimum withdrawal – from 50 reais.
  • The top prize has not been set.


The popular bookmaker offers its services in many countries and has two licenses to operate: Malta and Curaçao. Information for players:

  • The welcome bonus is a free bet worth €20. There is no deposit bonus.
  • The minimum deposit is 10 reais.
  • Minimum withdrawal – from 50 reais.
  • Maximum Loot – The gaming platform does not set any limits.


This is a complete site for all types of online gambling. The gambling platform is licensed by the government of Curacao and offers generous and secure payouts. Basic indicators:

  • Welcome Bonus – 100% on the first deposit up to 1500 BRL.
  • The minimum deposit is 10 reais.
  • Minimum withdrawal – from 100 reais.
  • Maximum withdrawal – no more than 50.000 reais per week.


The site is available in multiple languages ​​and offers the best gaming experience for local punters. You can even find up-to-date betting tips on the casino website. Useful information for gamblers:

  • Welcome bonus – 100% on first deposit + 40 free spins.
  • The minimum deposit is 10 reais.
  • Minimum withdrawal – from 20 reais.
  • The maximum gain is unlimited.


The site is licensed by the government of Curacao and has been operating in the gambling market since 2021. The provider recommends starting with low stakes and also using auto cashout. Basic information:

  • Welcome Bonus – 200% bonus on the first three deposits.
  • The minimum deposit is 10 reais.
  • Minimum withdrawal – from 20 reais.
  • Maximum earnings – there are no earning limits.

How to Start Playing JetX on the Betano Website and Other Gambling Platforms?

  1. Click on our banner to access the casino registration;
  2. Fill in the form with all the necessary personal information as well as contact details;
  3. Sign in to your account;
  4. Make the first deposit using a reliable payment system;
  5. Now just start playing.

Remember all the experts' recommendations and the importance of playing it safe. Enjoy the process and earn good money.

JetX3 game in general

🚀 Game typerocket, plane
(I.e.Providersmartsoft gaming
📅Game release date13/04/2021
📈 RTP97%
📈 max multiplierx100
💵minimum betR$ 0.5
💵Maximum betR$ 1500
🎮Where to play?Pin Up, Betano, KTO, Estrela Bet, Blaze, Bet365

Frequently asked questions

What is JetX?

This is a game where people place bets, watch a jet fly by, evaluate the multiplier value and withdraw money from the JETX before it explodes. They don't always manage to do this. The timing of disaster is unpredictable, so there are winning rounds and losing rounds. Luck and a cool mind in JETX are one of the main winning factors.

Is JETX a reliable game?

Smartsoft Gaming is one of the leading manufacturers of quality gaming software. The JETX product she created is reliable and safe. Players should not feed their imaginations with illusions about hacking the game. It is better for them to play and enjoy JETX and not waste time on fraudulent offers.

What is the logic of JetiX?

The game logic is understandable for human perception. There are only two main steps. The player must analyze the numerical variation of the coefficients in the JETX and, at the right time, press the Withdraw button. The plane usually explodes at the wrong time, but this is a game of chance and there is some risk involved. Having understood how to play JETX, the player will quickly learn to navigate various nuances of the game.

Which platforms have JetX game?

To search for such information on the Internet, a person spends time. This review has already collected data on the one where to play JETX. Players can use the published tips and tricks as they wish. They can choose a brand on this site or continue searching the internet. Sites that have JETX: Pin Up, Parimatch, Cbet.

How to get bonuses in JetiX?

There are no special bonuses for this game. But players can always use branded welcome bonuses from various casinos that have JETX in their catalogue. For the user to be entitled to claim them, he must register with the selected gaming site and make the first deposit. After these actions, the beginner will receive bonuses that he can use to play JETX.

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