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Many Brazilian players like to play JetX3 crash. What is special about this online game and why is it popular with casino gamblers? This project belongs to a new generation of airplane slots that are dynamic and allow players to quickly make decisions that affect winnings. And if in most games of this type the mechanics provide for 1 or 2 bets, then in the JetX3 rocket game their number is increased to 3.

In this review, users will receive complete information about the gameplay, graphic design, bonuses and will be able to make a general impression of this game of chance. Also, players here can learn about how to play JetX3 and how using strategies affects the chance of winning. The slot has very useful additional features, which are discussed in detail in the article.
Since hundreds of thousands of players from Brazil choose JetX3 space game to place bets and earn money, this review is relevant for them. What aspects influence people's preferences when choosing this slot? The main factor is the player's ability to decide at what multiplier value to withdraw money. And since the number of bets in the JetX3 game is 3, the chances of winning are significantly increased.

JetX3 game overview

The project belongs to the online entertainment crash group and was created in 2018 by SmartSoft Gaming. The RTP is 97%. The use of provably fair technology ensures that the process is fair and transparent. There is a mobile version of the game. Numerous surveys show that more than 300.000 Brazilian users choose this slot to play online casino. How is the gameplay in the JetX3 simulator and what do players see on the game screen of their mobile devices? 

jext3 game

Three jet planes take off from the launch pad. Each of them has the numbers 1, 2 and 3. As they fly, the participant sees multiplier readings on the image of each plane. All three of these objects explode at different times. Players have to withdraw money from each of the three planes before they explode. If they wish, in the JetX3 game, players can choose a plane and bet only on it. You can also bet on two or three planes. 

The slot is equipped with additional features that can make the game easier. The theme of the little rocket game JetX3 is related to the world of airplanes and airship adventures. These flights are exciting and lucrative. Players place their bets and, if they are lucky, they win. The object of the game is to withdraw bets before the flying object stops its flight (explodes).

Mechanics of the popular game JetX3

JetX3 crash slot has clear rules and simple mechanics. If the player plans to play for money bets, he must register on the casino website and transfer a certain amount to his game account. After these procedures, the player will not only be able to start playing seriously at JetX3, but also participate in promotions, for example, receive a welcome bonus. Having passed the preliminary stages, the bettor can proceed directly to the game itself. What are the components of slot mechanics?

  1. There are 3 jet planes on the JetX3 screen. They start simultaneously and fly with the same acceleration. The multiplier value is the same for all planes.
  2. On the right side are tabs with basic and additional settings. In JetX3 sky exploration game there are 3 main sections with settings and bet boxes, separately for each jet plane. There the player can specify the bet size and start automatic mode for one, two or three ships. 

In the game settings of each aircraft there is an automatic withdrawal function, after its activation, money will be withdrawn without the bettor's participation, with the multiplier specified by him earlier.

  1. After the player calculates how many betsolutions he will make in each round of the rocket game, he presses the big yellow button (two or three). Each of the spaceships after the start of the round in JetX3 explodes in random order. It is important that the player has time to remove bets on all activated objects before they are destroyed.
  2. The first section with additional features of the JetX3 crash game contains information about online players and their bets. In the second, there are indicators of the maximum multipliers that each spaceship managed to reach in previous rounds. The third section contains data on the player's personal bets. By clicking on the fourth tab, the participant enters the JetX3 game chat. The last and fifth section is dedicated to the winners who managed to win the biggest sums of money.

The fun of the gameplay is enhanced by the ease of navigation and the game's futuristic design. A team of three spaceships is sent into space, where they encounter dangerous meteorites along the way. Some JetX3 crews will be luckier and fly further into mysterious space. The only thing that can be confidently stated is that within 2 to 30 seconds, the 3 spaceships will explode.

Gamers especially like the presence of an in-game chat, where they can chat and get useful tips from other participants. Money spent on online betting on the JetX3 rocket game can be partially returned to the player as a cashback bonus. Also, a new registered user can use the funds received after fulfilling the conditions of the welcome bonus for additional bets on the JetX3 crash game.

The RTP of this slot is 97% and the volatility is medium, players have a pretty good chance of winning a bet with a multiplier of x100+. To verify this, bettors can look at the second section of the block with statistics for three jet planes.

Modern graphics and sound in JetX3 crash game

When the player starts playing JetX3 crash, he is immersed in the atmosphere of a high-tech future, in which interplanetary flights on spaceships and airships are possible. High quality graphics maximize the player experience. On the surface of an unknown planet, from which a team of 3 ships launches in the JetX3 sky exploration game, the viewer sees dilapidated parts of huge structures. He can only guess at the catastrophe that has befallen this planet.

The start of the flight is accompanied by clouds of smoke and dust raised by the engines in the air. The crews of the JetX3 game are sent on yet another dangerous mission. On the way, in addition to meteorites, there are fragments of structures and space debris, in the event of a collision with which the spacecraft burst. Therefore, they clear the way by launching special mines in front of them. But, unfortunately, this method of flight protection does not help to prevent planes in JetX3 space game from exploding.

The audio track that the player hears during the gameplay conforms to the space theme. The start of the flight is accompanied by robotic sounds and signals. The moments of explosions in JetX3 are made by the developer, as naturalistic as possible. With the help of all these aspects of the game, the presence effect is enhanced.

JetX3 game bonus features

For additional free spins, registered users on the official casino website can use the funds received by participating in various bonus programs. The first bonus is received by beginners who have passed the registration procedure and made a deposit to their game account. This casino offer is called a welcome. Once the player has fulfilled the wagering requirements, he can use the bonus funds for free online betting on JetX3. The player accepts betsolutions on his own, based on his preferences.

Still on free spins, players can win by participating in various promotions, lotteries and tournaments – carried out by the casino administration. For the JetX3 game, the player can use promotional codes received from various partner bonus events. 

Many bookmakers offer weekly cashback to players. This type of bonus provides for a return of a certain percentage of the money lost by the player within a week. Part of the money returned in this way can be spent on additional bets on the JetX3 adventure game.

The use of strategies by players in the JetX3 game

The strategies used by the players allow to increase the chances of winning. But none of them guarantee 100% gains. Depending on the degree of risk, financial capacity and personal preference, online casino players can utilize some of the most popular strategies in the JetX3 rocket game.

  1. The Martingale Strategy. This method invites players to double their bet after each losing round in crash games. The person repeats these actions until the moment he wins. After a winning round, the player must return to the original bet size and increase it again by 2 times in case of a loss in the current session of crash games. 

For example, if a player bets 3 reais and loses, in the next round he increases the bet and bets 6 reais. If the player loses the bet, it raises again to 12 reais, etc. After a winning round, the player bets again 3 reais.

  1. The D'Alembert strategy. This is a very simple and clear method for many people who play JetX3 crash game. The player is determined with betsolutions and their size. After the winning round, he reduces the bet amount by one unit. In case of defeat, the player increases the bet by 1 unit. 

For example, a player made a bet of 20 reais, he decides to accept 2 reais for a unit. After winning, he reduces his next bet by 2 reais, making it worth 18 reais. In case of a second win, he decreases his last bet again by 2 reais. Next time, he bets 16 reais. If he loses, the last bet will be increased by 2 reais. So the next bet is 18 reais, etc.

  1. The Fibonacci strategy. When players use this method to play the JetX3 crash game, starting from the third bet, if the previous session is lost, the player increases its size. The third bet is calculated by adding the first and second. If he loses again, the fourth bet will be equal to the sum of the second and third. 

For example, the first bet was 10 reais and the second was 12 reais. The player loses, so for the third bet he will use 10 + 12 = 22 reais. If he loses again, he will use the sum of 12 + 22 = 32 dollars for the fourth bet. This process will continue until a winning round.

  1. Laubochere's strategy. First, the player must determine the amount of money he wants to earn in the JetX3 space game. He then divides that amount into bets of arbitrary size. For example, the goal is to earn 100 reais, 10 + 10 + 10 + 10 + 15 + 15 + 15 + 15. 

Then, the player takes the leftmost and rightmost number and adds them together, and receives 10 + 15 = 25 reais, this will be the value of the first bet. If he wins, he crosses off the numbers he has already used from the sequence. If the player loses, he adds the bet amount to the right side of the sequence, and it will look like this: 10 + 10 + 10 + 10 + 15 + 15 + 15 + 15 + 25. For the next bet, the player again takes the sum of extreme numbers 10 + 25 = 35, etc.

Players should be aware that JetX3, Airship or any slot in the crash category has a demo version. In demo mode, players can not only get acquainted with different strategies, but also get more game experience. This offer from the developers is free of charge and does not require registering and depositing an online casino account. 

The user can study and analyze each strategy in the presented list in detail. To play the demo version, the player needs to select the appropriate mode when starting the JetX3 rocket ship game. The user does not have to use a popular strategy. When the player acquires more experience, he can play in his own style, according to his preferences.

User experience in popular games like JetX3 game

What attracts players to crash games? These games are different from what people have become accustomed to over the last few decades. The mechanics of new slots open up more opportunities for users to play with stakes. In projects like JetX3, blimp and others from crash category, users not only place bets and wait for the result, but also influence the receipt of earnings for their actions. As the RTP is 97% and the multipliers reach x100+, players have a high chance of winning.

These games combine many aspects that modern gamers like: entertainment, dynamism and profitability. Since it is possible for users to play the JetX3 space exploration game through the mobile version, it greatly simplifies the gameplay. Players can play from mobile phones and tablets. The slot's performance on mobile platforms is high and of high quality. 

As the user experience has shown, the game is perfectly compatible with mobile devices, and all functions adapt to the screen of a mobile phone. Players can not only play using the mobile version, but also register on the casino website, make deposits to their account and participate in promotions held on the gaming platform.

JetX3 gaming community interests

The JetX3 crash game is loved by many gamers, but the target audience ranges in age. between 18 and 45 years old. For fans of this entertainment project, it is important to interact with the community on different Internet sites. Many forums, blogs, social networks, Telegram channels, etc., allow users to discuss various aspects, share useful information and feel part of the JetX3 gaming community.

The advantages of playing JetX3

This project has many advantages over online casino gambling of past decades. The player here places bets and decides when to withdraw them. He can calculate the amount of expected winnings, since JetX3 space game functionality is transparent and honest. The fact that a player can place 3 bets in a round greatly increases the possibility of winning.

Users are given the opportunity to play games of this type on a mobile phone, tablet and other devices connected to the Internet. The use of strategies in games will allow players to make victory in the JetX3 rocket game more feasible. This slot is definitely worth it for people who like airship adventure themes and fun gameplay. Here they will experience the thrill of flying to new spatial heights and have many opportunities.

JetX3 game in general

🚀 Game typeRocket, Avia
(I.e.Providersmartsoft gaming
📅Game release date13/04/2021
📈 RTP97%
📈 max multiplierx100
💵minimum betR$ 0.5
💵Maximum betR$ 1500
🎮Where to play?Pin Up, Betano, KTO, Estrela Bet, Blaze, Bet365

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