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The Lucky Jet online game or, as it is called, little rocket game, served as an example of how interesting games can be combined with the option to earn real money through the game.

Lucky Jet network game is now characterized by great popularity among Brazilian players, because the game provides an opportunity not only to spend time playing yourself, but also to interact with many other players. The active audience of the featured game is more than 80 thousand players and with each new day the number of users grows rapidly.

In this article, you can get a lot of useful information about this game. It will also be important to study the betting aspects e strategies our rocket online games. This page contains a selection of most popular casinos com bonus updated for new players.

Overview: Betting on Lucky Jet

The game implies the possibility of winning a certain amount of money. Of course, as long as you have luck. As the game is associated with excitement, there is always the risk of losing, and this must be taken into account. In any case, everyone decides for himself whether it is worth playing and taking risks. Indeed, in such games you can win.

As for the rocket ship Lucky JET game itself, the chance to winning is real. So far, Lucky Jet has a reputation predominantly positive. There are many reviews about the game, and almost all of them are positive or neutral. In their comments, users note that the game is fun, largely due to the simple gameplay, and also provides an opportunity to win.

lucky jet game

Inspired by the famous Aviator game, Lucky Jet challenges players to place their bets and withdraw their winnings before the main character, little rocket, flies off the screen. Lucky Jet's mechanics are the same as all other crash games. Each round of playing Lucky Jet starts with the little rocket taking off in its jetpack. The random RNG determines the odds of each game, making it impossible to predict how long the rocket will fly. As you fly, your bet multiplier increases.

Your main objective in Lucky Jet is to press the cashout button and claim your winnings before the little rocket disappears from sight. If you don't make it, you've lost. While losses may occur, players are more likely to win in this amazing game of luck. The game is complemented by stylish graphics and exciting visual effects. With addictive gameplay and the possibility to multiply your bet in seconds, Lucky Jet has become a favorite among online casino enthusiasts across the world.

Features: How the Lucky Jet Game Works

Lucky Jet is the same as Aviator, but with a different interface. Instead of a plane, you follow a little rocket with your backpack. And the rules of the game are the same: place a bet and withdraw the money before the little rocket starts flying.

The player's gain is determined by the size of the multiplier on the screen. That's why this indicator is so important in the game. The multiplier is activated immediately after the start of the round and increases proportionally to the duration of the flight. The amount of winnings will be equal to the bet amount multiplied by the coefficient.

For example, you bet 10 reais and withdrew your winnings when the coefficient on the screen was x2. This means that your payout will be 20 reais, of which 10 reais is your bet and another 10 reais is your profit.

Many slot machines offer a jackpot and bonus game where your potential winnings can be even higher. However, multipliers of x50, x100 and even x200 are very common in Lucky Jet.

However, remember that there is always the risk of losing. The Lucky JET game is based on tech de honesty proven. All results are random and cannot be adjusted. If you don't withdraw your winnings before the collision, your entire bet will be lost.

Withdrawal Resource

Withdraw feature allows players to withdraw their winnings at any stage. This can be done manually from the first second of the round or you can set up an automatic withdrawal with a certain multiplier. If you are using a specific strategy, it is better to use the Automatic mode and not miss the right moment.

It is impossible to calculate the exact cash out time. However, the Aviaorevue team managed to analyze that the big payouts happen at most once every two to three hours. Since the online game has statistics, it can be tracked.

If you see that there are no multipliers greater than x100 for a long time, try to participate in the next rounds and your chances will be high.

All these features, combined with the excellent graphics, make the game a must-have.

How to Play Lucky Jet: Placing Bets

Lucky Jet is betting on the latest entertainment game for a new generation of gamers. You can win multiple times in just a few seconds! Lucky Jet is organized according to a proven scheme, which is currently considered the only really working fairness guarantee in the gaming industry.

For bet in the game, select the desired value and click the “start game" (start Game). There are no restrictions on one bet per round. You can place up to two bets using the left and right input panels. These bets are called multiple bets and are available in many collision games. Fees can be adjusted according to strategies. For example, you can place just one bet and raise it according to the Martingale strategy or use the two bet strategy. The decision to optimize the game is up to the player.

For withdraw your Lucky Jet earnings, click the “Withdraw" (To remove). The value of your prize is equal to your entry value multiplied by the closing entry multiplier. If you fail to cash out your winnings before the character exits the screen, your Lucky JET bet will be cancelled. Remember that there is no 100% guarantee in the Lucky JET game and the whole process is based on probabilities.

A wide range of bets is available to all players. This makes the game accessible to different categories of gamblers. Beginners should start with the minimum bet, which is equal to 1 reais (R$). If you are an experienced player and willing to take risks, choose the maximum bet, which can be Real 100. Remember that the larger the bet size, the greater the potential winnings.

You can manage your bids using auto bet and auto withdraw:

  • automatic bet – this feature can be enabled in any input panel by checking the “auto input” checkbox. To withdraw your winnings, press the “Withdraw” button for each spin.
  • self withdrawal – if you want to fully automate the online game, it is possible to configure the automatic withdrawal of winnings. For that, you need to enable “auto-exit” in the input panel. Thus, the funds will be displayed automatically when the specified coefficient is reached.


The first step to winning at Lucky Jet is choosing the game's strategies and tactics. Playing consciously is the choice of successful players. As an example, you can explore two different and even opposing strategies.

Lucky Jet's Cautious Strategies

The essence of conservative strategies in the Lucky JET game is to place a bet and withdraw with a coefficient of x1,1. There's not much to gain, but it's nearly impossible to lose. Sometimes there are situations when the Little Rocket flies by a factor of x1,05, i.e. it is possible to lose. However, on the forums you will find plenty of evidence that, in the end, it is this kind of Responsible Gaming that brings victory.

Among the disadvantages of this strategy, players comment that it is a bit tedious, as every time you withdraw money you have the same coefficient.

Lucky Jet Risky Strategies

The risk is basically equal to expecting a high probability, i.e. more than x100. Experienced Lucky Jet players know that this coefficient occurs every 60-90 minutes, that is, 1-1,5 hours. Look at the history and you will see the last time the odds were greater than 100. Wait an hour and start betting big.

Of course, the Lucky JET player has options for in-between strategies – not-so-cautious, but not-so-risky playing strategies.

For example, playing with a x2-x3 multiplier. The odds are about 40% to 45%, that is, even if the bet is lost in the next round, it is possible to recover it and even earn money.

In any case, the Lucky JET game, which is presented in many online casinos, requires attention. First, decide what your goals are and answer the question: “Why do I play Lucky Jet?”. There are two main answers:

  • For pleasure;
  • For money.

Depending on the answer to this question, decide how/where to play Lucky Jet. Play for money or play for fun – the choice is yours. However, do not forget about all the risks that gambling entails. It pays to carefully choose the gambling platform and payment method. It is also important to monitor your mental health to avoid the risk of addiction. May luck be on your side!

Where to Play the Lucky Jet Real Bet Game?

Every rocket game player should choose a gambling platform that suits their needs. These sites must be honest and safe. The list of the best casinos in Brazil definitely includes Pin Up, Pixbet, Betano, Blaze and KTO.

KTO Casino

Popular online casino since 2017 with a Curacao license. The site is translated into Portuguese and offers payments in Brazilian reais. Basic information:

  • Welcome – 200% bonus on the first three deposits.
  • The minimum deposit is 10 reais.
  • Minimum withdrawal – from 20 reais.
  • Maximum earnings – there are no limits on earnings. Maximum withdrawal of up to 5.000 reais per transaction.


This is a combination of a bookmaker and a casino. The website guarantees a fair gaming experience and has an attractive interface. Basic indicators:

  • Welcome Bonus – 100% on the first deposit up to 1500 BRL.
  • Minimum deposit – from 10 reais.
  • Minimum withdrawal – from 100 reais.
  • Maximum earnings – there is no earning limit, but you cannot withdraw more than 50.000 reais per week.

Pin Up

A popular online casino with the same theme. The site works in the Latin American market and in some other countries. Important information for players:

  • Bonus – 100% on first deposit.
  • The minimum deposit is 10 reais.
  • Minimum withdrawal – from 50 reais.
  • Maximum Loot – The gaming platform does not set any limits.


The casino has been operating since 2016 and offers over 500 games. The site frequently updates crash games and features its own version of the game with updates. Useful information for gamblers:

  • Welcome bonus – 100% on first deposit + 40 free spins.
  • The minimum deposit is 10 reais.
  • Minimum withdrawal – from 20 reais.
  • The maximum gain is unlimited.


The site is available worldwide and has many verified licenses such as Malta and Curacao. Information for players:

  • The welcome bonus is a free bet worth €20. There is no deposit bonus.
  • The minimum deposit is 10 reais.
  • Minimum withdrawal – from 50 reais.
  • Maximum earnings – the gaming platform does not set any limits.

How to Play Lucky JET at Other Casinos?

To play Lucky JET successfully, you need to listen carefully to expert betting tips. To get started at any of the above casinos, follow these steps:

  • Click on our banner to proceed with the registration;
  • Fill in the form with all the necessary information;
  • Log into your account;
  • Make the first deposit;
  • Okay, now just start playing Lucky JET.

If you are lucky, you will win and you can get paid. For an optimized gaming experience, auto cashout can be used. Keep in mind that novice players are best off betting small to insure themselves against possible risks.

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Lucky JET game in general

🚀 Game typeCrash
📅Game release date2019
📈 RTP97%
📈 max multiplierx200
💵minimum betR$ 1
💵Maximum betR$ 100
🎮Where to play?Pin Up, Betano, KTO, Estrela Bet, Blaze, 1Win,

Frequently asked questions

How to play Lucky Jet?

The object of the Lucky Jet game is to hit the cashout button before that. The game has stylish graphics and exciting visual effects.

Where to play Lucky Jet?

You can play Lucky Jet at online casinos like Pin Up, Betano, KTO, Estrela Bet, Blaze and 1Win.

How to play Lucky Jet for free?

It is not possible to play Lucky Jet for free. The game involves real money gambling, and there is no option to play for free. In order to participate in the Lucky Jet game, it is necessary to place wagers with real money at online casinos that offer this game.

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