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Rocketman is an innovative game designed based on a crash mechanics. This slot has fundamental differences from the online casino games that gamblers are used to. It's fast paced and exciting, and if the player makes small bets, there's a chance the multiplier will reach a three-digit number, in which case the payout will be big. Moreover, the participant of the game himself performs the actions on which victory in Rocketman crash depends.

The purpose of the review is to provide users with a comprehensive review of this rocket simulator. Players can get a Overall impression of the project, taking a closer look at Rocketman's gameplay aspects, graphics and music, bonuses, etc. This article is relevant for Brazilians who prefer to play modern crash games in casinos. Users will find here useful information about how to bet e how to play Rocketman, and what strategies can be used to increase the chances to make money.

Review of the innovative Rocketman game

This game was created in 2022 by Elbet. The use of technology probably fair in design, it makes the gameplay transparent and attractive to the online casino audience. In Brazil, the number of Rocketman fans keeps increasing, currently turning around 75.000. The slot has a RTP of 97,5%. Punters have praised the unique design and soundtrack, which makes participants feel better.

This slot, like most crash games, represents or space adventures theme and flights from plane, rocket, airship or jet engine. The main object in Rocketman is a white spaceship. It takes off from the launch pad and rushes into space. Players who placed bets on the online game must withdraw money before the carrier explodes. Disaster could strike at any second. As the rounds in Rocketman are short, the player returns to bet as many times as he wants.

Rocketman game mechanics details

The game has simple mechanics and a minimum of rules, which is characteristic of almost all slots of this type, where a flying object can be an airplane, airship, astronaut, spaceship, etc. The bettor can choose between two possible modes. The demo version of Rocketman is free, to run the user just click on the appropriate button.

rocketman game

In order to play for real money and place serious bets online on the space game, the player needs to register with the casino and make a deposit to his account. After these steps, he can move on to the Rocketman mechanic.

  1. The player makes decisions. At the bottom of the screen there is a dark blue bar with the corresponding yellow buttons and bet settings. By indicating the bet amount in the appropriate field, the player confirms his participation in the next round and waits for its start.
  2. The rounds in the space game range from 1 to 30 seconds. The time the spacecraft is in launch standby mode is 5 seconds.
  3. On the left side of the screen there is a vertical scale with multiplier indicators in Rocketman crash. The bettor sees his exact value on the screen in numerical terms, above the flying craft. The multiplier increases as the object rises.
  4. At a random moment in the game of chance, a white ship explodes. The player must withdraw the money before the disaster.
  5. When the Rocketman multiplier reaches an acceptable value for the player, he must press the big green button at the bottom of the screen and withdraw the bet. For this process, the game offers a withdrawal function. automatic. By filling in the fields with values ​​and activating these features, the player triggers automated gameplay in Rocketman, so bets will be withdrawn programmatically when the multiplier reaches a specified number.

In addition to the main functions, this game has additional features. On the right is a chat in which players who communicate see not only the pseudonyms of the interlocutors, but also their avatars. On the left are four tabs with statistics on Rocketman crash. The first section contains general information, the second contains data on the player's personal bets, the third contains the best winnings and the fourth contains notifications about tournaments.

This slot, like most games in the crash category, has a high RTP of 97,5% and medium volatility, which gives players the opportunity to make frequent wins. The multiplier starts at 1 and can go up to 20.000. Rocketman is available to players on 22 languages, which has had a positive effect on its growing popularity in global casinos.

Ease of navigation and clear game design contribute to smooth gameplay. Rocketman has great bonuses in the form of jackpots, promo codes and free bets. In addition, after making the first deposit to his account, the new player receives a welcome bonus offer (percentage equal to the amount + sometimes free spins), depending on the casino he registered with. After fulfilling the wagering conditions, players can use the bonus funds to play Rocketman crash.

Sound and graphics design in the Rocketman game

The graphics in the game are high-quality, modern and colorful. A captivating animated story from the first second and throughout the spacecraft's flight offers Rocketman players aesthetic pleasure. The color of the spaceship was well chosen – white. The game constructions that secure the object to the launchpad are drawn in detail. The fire escaping from a jet engine has a bizarre cubic shape. The higher the ship climbs, the darker the blue sky.

Throughout the game, colorful planets fly around the spaceship, saturated colors: yellow, green, purple, blue and pink. Thanks to this, Rocketman manages to create a relaxed and fun environment. The game creators chose the rhythmic soundtrack as background music, under which players want to move to the rhythm. As the spacecraft lifts off, the sounds of flames intensifying are heard escaping the nozzle.

The explosion effect fits perfectly into the overall soundtrack and is not ear-splitting. Graphic and sound design elements are well thought out and balanced. Not only does the Rocketman plane game allow players to place bets and win money, but the time spent with the white spaceship goes unnoticed. While playing, the participant is immersed in a joyful atmosphere.

Bonus features and jackpots in Rocketman crash game

In this space game, there are great bonus offer for players. In addition to the big jackpot, there are two more types of progressives – Rocketpot and Boosterpot, which depend on the operator's specification settings. Players can also receive a promo code and bets free. In order for users to be able to participate in these promotions, they need these Rocketman offers to be connected via the back office, or via the API, with the bonus system of the bookmakers in which they are registered.

New users who have registered at an online casino can receive a welcome bonus on their first deposit. In this case, they receive a certain percentage of the amount transferred to their casino account and a certain amount of free spins. Funds from these and other promotions can be used by players to wager on the Rocketman simulator.

As each casino encourages its customers by holding various events and tournaments for them, players have more opportunities to receive prizes and rewards for further use in the crash game. Users can join bonus affiliate programs and receive incentives that can be spent not only on betting on Rocketman, but also on any other game they like.

What strategies do players use in the Rocketman game?

Depending on experience, risk tolerance, financial capacity, desire for thrills and amount of expected winnings, players use different strategies to play crash games. Each person has their own style of play, regardless of whether they think about it or not. By trying different methods in Rocketman, players end up choosing the one that works best for them. What are strategies for and what are their advantages?

It is difficult for the player to succeed by pressing the buttons randomly. Using the right strategy for him, the player significantly increases the chances of winning the game. People can combine existing popular methods depending on their goal in Rocketman crash. Each strategy proposed in this section can be tested in the demo version. To do this, he does not need to register and transfer money to a casino account. This version of Rocketman is free and financially secure. Check out the strategy options.

  1. The Martingale betting strategy is simple. If the round is lost, the player increases the size of the next bet by 2 times. If the losses continue, then the player continues doubling bets as well, until the winning round. After winning, the player reduces the size of the bet and returns to its initial value.

For example: the player's initial bet was 10 reais, and it was lost. Then the user multiplies the lost amount by 2, 10 x 2 = 20 reais – this is the bet for the next round in Rocketman. In case of repeated defeat, the player again increases the bet by 2 times, 20 x 2 = 40 reais – value of the third round. When a player wins, in the next round he makes the bet that was 10 reais at the beginning of the game. And the cycle of doubling bets is repeated again in case of defeat.

  1. The D'Alembert method used by Rocketman crash players has some similarities to the Martingale strategy. The player must choose a specific amount of money that he will use to reduce or increase the next bet in the game.

For example: the player made the first bet of 5 reais and lost. It selects 3 dollars as the conditional unit size. The size of the next bet on Rocketman will be 5 + 3 = 8 dollars. In case of repeated defeat, the player again increases the previous bet by 3 reais, 8 + 3 = 11 reais. After the winning round, the player needs to reduce the size of the next bet in the game by 3 reais.

  1. Rocketman players also often use the Fibonacci strategy. The essence of this method is that the player increases the bet after a lost game round by an amount consisting of the sum of the two previous bets. For example: the last two bets were 8 and 15 reais, and lost. The next bet will be 8 + 15 = 23 reais. If the player loses again, in the next round he will bet 15 + 23 = 38 reais. This process continues until the winning round.
  2. When applying any strategy, it is important that the player perceives the game rationally and does not overestimate his expectations. Setting a time limit for playing Rocketman crash and controlling how much money is used for betting will help the player to avoid problems.

If a person has little gaming experience, it is better to start betting with small amounts. The best method for a player to choose strategies is to run the slot in demo mode and ensure the style he is using is correct. This version of Rocketman is not limited in time, it eliminates the risk of losing money on the casino account and will allow the player to get to know all the nuances of the game as much as possible.

User Experience in Rocketman

The degree of user involvement in this project is high. Rocketman slot has many attractive factors that players love. Colorful design, original animation elements and rhythmic music create a happy atmosphere in the game. Users who have gained experience playing this slot note the presence of an interesting and varied bonus program for Rocketman players.

Depending on the capabilities of the gaming platform, players are offered different ways to play Rocketman. Android and iOS apps are available to download from the official casino websites. It is also possible to play crash slots, to which this project belongs, through a branded mobile version. High quality gameplay is available even for low performing mobile devices.

Rocketman gaming community

Since the game is completely new, it has many attractive aspects that will be interesting and useful for players. It is very important for users of thematic forums, social networks, Telegram channels, etc. to participate in the Rocketman gaming community. Posting information about the characteristics of crash games in player comments and discussions is one of the most honest and fastest ways to communicate news in the gaming world.

Rocketman's target audience consists of gamers aged 18-35. This category of users is an active part of social media consumers. Communities are a place where players can share impressions and experiences from their favorite games about space and air adventures in a spaceship, airship, aviation, hot air balloon, etc. This type of communication facilitates feedback from online game creators in order to improve their projects.

Rocketman is the favorite game of many thousands of players in Brazil

The Rocketman project has many advantages, not only compared to slots that are decades old. This game stands out even against the background of modern online entertainment associated with dangerous travel on an airplane, hot air balloon, airship, aircraft carrier, etc. The high RTP and abundance of bonuses offered by the creators will make any player excited (Big Jackpot, Rocketpot, Boosterpot, promo code and free bets).

The balanced contrast of colors, animation and musical backgrounds create a fun and unique atmosphere. Published betting strategies will help players to increase their chances of winning and find their own style of play. By playing Rocketman, players not only place bets and earn money, but also have fun in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy spaceflight, which takes them to new heights.

Rocketman game in general

🚀 Game typecrash games
📅Game release date2022
📈 RTP97,5%
📈 max multiplierx20 000
💵minimum betR$ 2
💵Maximum betR$ 497.5
🎮Where to play?Pin Up, Betano, KTO, Estrela Bet, Blaze

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