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The Spaceman game is also called astronaut game. This is a new type of crash game with great graphics and additional animations. Immediately after the release, the game became very popular among Brazilians. Players love the slot machine because of its simplified mechanics, simple rules and great chances to win. In this article, you will find more useful information about the game, in addition to knowing the betting aspects and the best strategies to play.

🚀 Game typeRocket
(I.e.ProviderPragmatic Play
📅Game release date24.03.2022
📈 RTP96.5%
📈 max multiplierx5000
💵minimum bet$1
💵Maximum bet$100
🎮Where to play?Pin Up, Betano, KTO, Estrela Bet, Blaze, Bet365

Game Overview: Bet on Spaceman

Pragmatic, one of the leaders in the online gambling industry, brings you an exciting new adventure. The Astronaut Spaceman, the first crash game from the provider, takes you to the space, where you can earn the big prize. This dynamic will appeal to everyone who is tired of ordinary video slots and wants to try something new. You need Quickly assess risks and make lightning-fast decisions to get back on the ground with a good win.

spaceman game

On the screen in front of you will be the main character in a spacesuit (1), flying upwards. The higher he climbs, the greater his pay rate. Its main task is guess when to withdraw your money before it happens. The game also has a social component. So there is a online chat (2) and a leaderboard where you can see the results of others. Finally, it is worth highlighting important features such as detailed statistics (3) and proven honesty technology. High-quality graphics and vivid visual effects will definitely not leave anyone indifferent to Spaceman Astronaut game.

Spaceman game

Spaceman Features: How the Space Man Game Works

The round starts when you choose the desired bet and press the button confirm bet (“Confirm Bet”) in a certain period of time. The Spaceman takes off like a space superman and the bet multiplier increases proportionally to the height to which that character rises. The player's payment depends on this amount. Every punter strives to get the highest possible value from this multiplier.

The multiplier is activated from the first second of the round. Players don't need to configure anything extra to play Spaceman. Just confirm the bet and wait for the astronaut to take off. Note that the round also starts automatically. As this is a multiplayer game, all bettors from different parts of the world see the same interface and gameplay. It is not possible to launch a flight earlier or later. O break between rounds is approximately 10 seconds.

Gamers appreciate this game not only for its bright graphics. Big prizes are also important. O number of awards will depend on the size of the multipliers and your bet. The larger the bet size and the greater the player coefficient, the greater the value of the prizes in the end. Learn more about earnings calculation before cashing out.

Prizes will be calculated as follows: stake x odds = payout. If a player places a bet worth £10 and cashes out when the x3 multiplier is displayed, his payout will be £30, of which £20 is the net profit.

There is also the risk of losing when playing Spaceman. If the player does not have time to press “cash out” before the plane crashes, the entire bet will be lost. Also, the bet will be exhausted if the coefficient is less than x1.

Cash Out feature

O cash out feature it's probably the most valuable option in all of the games. With her help, the player can determine his earnings. In Astronaut Spaceman game, this function is available in mode manual or automatic serve. Read more about automatic withdrawal of earnings in the article.

The player himself decides when to press the serve. From the first second of the round, this option is available to bettors. However, the longer the flight lasts, the greater the multiplier and, consequently, the winnings. Therefore, the player himself decides when to withdraw winnings. This can be done at low odds to minimize possible losses, or you can take a risk and wait for more significant multipliers.

There are several strategies and recommendations that can help you win. The Aviaorevue team has reviewed the Spaceman game and recommends low stakes for starters. In addition, players can track the statistics of the last rounds. If the last rounds had a high multiplier of x100, it is likely that more than 20 subsequent rounds will have a low multiplier.

How to Play Spaceman and Place Bets

The mechanics of almost all collision games are very similar to each other. The main goal of players is to have time to withdraw winnings before the collision occurs. The amount of payouts is determined by the size of the coefficient, which in almost all games depends on the duration of the round. Most often, in such games as Astronaut Spaceman, the theme of flights is used. These games became popular primarily due to simple mechanics that are understandable even to novice players and do not require additional study of the rules.

Types of bets can also be conditionally divided into:

  • Single bets;
  • multiple bets;
  • strategic bets.

As single bets only mean one bet per round within the allowed range. Multiple bets are not available on all games. Some collision games, such as Aviator, allow you to place two bets per spin. Only one bet per round is available in the game. Experienced players also use strategic bets to play Spaceman. To do this, it is important to analyze the statistics, combine single and multiple bets or calculate the probability.

In some strategies, it pays to start with the minimum bet. In Spaceman, the minimum bet is 5 reais (R). The maximum bet limit is R$ 500. Potential winnings directly depend on the bet amount, and the higher the amount bet, the more you can win in the end.

The Spaceman game control panel is located at the bottom of the screen. The following buttons are available to players:

  • confirm bet: the player must press it immediately after setting the desired bet size on Spaceman astronaut. This button must be used before each round.
  • 2x: This allows you to quickly double the bet before the round. This is a very useful feature if you notice that the hero is rapidly gaining altitude. You can quickly double the bet and then cash out.
  • autoplay: Allows Spaceman players to set various features to automatically start the game, such as the number of rounds and the balance at which rounds should be stopped.
  • add value: If doubling Spaceman's bet scares you, then you can increase it little by little. This feature allows players to quickly increase their bets with customizable amounts.
  • Auto cash out: perhaps the most useful button for playing Spaceman. With this option, the player sets the multiplier value at which bets will be automatically closed.
  • automatic withdrawal 50%: An exclusive feature of the game. Other rocket gamble games do not have this feature. This option is similar to automatic withdrawal, but allows players to withdraw 50% of their balance when the multiplier is reached.
  • Sale: Displays the balance available for betting on Spaceman, including winnings.

Strategies for playing Spaceman

There are a large number of betting strategies for playing Astronaut Spaceman. The most popular of them are below in the article:

  • low stakes strategies. Suitable for players who are just starting to get acquainted with this type of entertainment. If Astronaut Spaceman players play with low stakes, the probability of losing will be minimal.
  • Martingale Strategies. In this case, the Spaceman player starts betting from the minimum amount and doubles the bet size after each loss. Thus, after winning, you will be able to compensate for all previous losses.
  • Reverse Martingale Strategies. In this case, the Spaceman player doubles the bet after each win and reduces it in case of loss. Martingale is only suitable for those who are determined to play for a long time and have a big budget.
  • Labouchere Strategies. This type of bet is very similar to Martingale. The main difference is that the player does not double the bet, but increases it by one unit.
  • Withdraw at low odds. In the first case, Spaceman players made small bets to minimize the risks. In this case, the player makes medium bets, but also withdraws winnings at odds from x1,2 to x1,5. This strategy helps to get a lot of small gains. For security, you can use automatic withdrawal.

Gambling requires a Responsible Gaming and Spaceman is no exception. Carefully choose a gambling platform and pay attention to the availability of a license. Also, it's important to manage your budget wisely. Players can set limits on winnings or bets. It is also important to use a secure payment method. In Brazil, PIX continues to be the most popular payment system.

Where to Play Spaceman Betting for Real?

Choosing a gambling platform should be approached responsibly. Players can spend a lot of time looking for decent casinos or bookmakers to enjoy Spaceman. However, this page already has a list of expert safe sites to play with a generous bonus system and fair payouts. The list of the most popular bookmakers in Brazil includes:

  • pinup, 
  • Pixbet, 
  • bethan, 
  • Blaze,  
  • KTO

Pin Up

Popular online casino from 2018. The site operates in the Latin American market and in some other countries. Useful information for players:

  • Welcome – 100% on first deposit.
  • Minimum deposit – from 10 reais.
  • Minimum withdrawal – from 50 reais.
  • Maximum winnings – the betting platform does not set any limits.


This is an international brand from a very popular bookmaker. The site is available worldwide and has many verified licenses such as Malta and Curacao. Information for players:

  • Welcome bonus – a free bet of 20 reais. There is no deposit bonus.
  • Minimum deposit – from 10 reais.
  • Minimum withdrawal – from 50 reais.
  • Maximum winnings – the betting platform does not set any limits.


This is a complete site for sports betting and online casino games. The betting platform is also licensed in Curacao and offers a secure gaming experience. Main features:

  • Welcome Bonus – 100% on the first deposit up to 1500 BRL.
  • Minimum deposit – from 10 reais.
  • Minimum withdrawal – from 100 reais.
  • Maximum withdrawal – there are no limits on winnings, but you cannot withdraw more than 50.000 reais per week.


This gambling platform is popular with players from Brazil. However, players from other countries will not be able to play due to Portuguese translation and registration features. Astronaut Spaceman game is in the top menu. Useful information for gamblers:

  • Welcome bonus – 100% on first deposit + 40 free spins.
  • Minimum deposit – from 10 reais.
  • Minimum withdrawal – from 20 reais.
  • Maximum earnings – no limits.


This Brazilian casino entered the gambling market in 2021. The site is licensed by the government of Curaçao. Basic information:

  • Welcome Bonus – 200% bonus on the first three deposits.
  • Minimum deposit – from 10 reais.
  • Minimum withdrawal – from 20 reais.
  • Maximum earnings – there are no earning limits. The maximum multiplier in online play is x5000. There are payment limits of up to 10.000 reais at a time.

How to Play Spaceman at Other Casinos?

The procedure for starting a Spaceman game is very similar at many online casinos. All sites can be set up with automatic checkout and other features. Check out the standard instructions:

  • Click on our banner to access registration at Betano or other gambling platforms;
  • Fill in the form with all the necessary information, including personal data and means of communication;
  • Sign in to your account;
  • do the first Deposit;
  • Okay, now just start playing Spaceman.


Spaceman is a brilliant astronaut slot with non-standard mechanics and attractive gameplay. The entertainment is suitable for both novice bettors and experienced players. Note that betting less is better for beginners. Carefully study the features of the online game. Use betting tips to win even more money and have even more fun.

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Get a bonus for playing the game: 1 500 R$

Player feedback on Spaceman

I love playing Spaceman! The game features, such as the multipliers and amazing graphics, really captivated me. The automatic betting option is perfect for when I want to relax and let the game play itself out, while the manual betting allows me to adjust my strategy according to my instinct. In addition, I am impressed with the security of the game, thanks to the Random Number Generator. Spaceman provides an exciting and fun experience, and I definitely recommend it to other players who are in search of an engaging betting game!

Jooo, 3 years in betting

Frequently asked questions

Where to play Spaceman?

The Spaceman game can be played at online casinos that offer Pragmatic Play games. Some popular sites include Pin up, Pixbet, Betano, Blaze and KTO.

Is Spaceman safe?

Yes, Spaceman is safe when played at licensed and trusted online casinos. Make sure you choose a casino that is regulated and has good player reviews.

How to play Spaceman for free?

Some online casinos offer a demo version or free play mode for Spaceman. You can play the game for free without the need to wager real money.

How to download Spaceman game?

The Spaceman game is usually played directly in the browser without the need to download any additional software. Join an online casino that offers the game and start playing instantly.

Who created Spaceman?

The Spaceman game was developed by the game software company Pragmatic Play.

What is Spaceman's logic?

Spaceman is based on a Random Number Generator (RNG). The game logic is determined by this algorithm, guaranteeing unbiased and random results.

What is the name of the astronaut game that earns money?

The astronaut game that earns money is called Spaceman.

Is there a way to bet less than 1 real on Spaceman?

The possibility of betting less than 1 real on Spaceman depends on the casino settings and the betting limits set by the game. See specific game details and betting options available at the online casino where you play Spaceman.

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