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Enter an exciting and addictive gaming experience with SpaceXY, an innovative online slot by BGaming. If you're brave enough, hop on a virtual rocket and soar to eternal heights with this space-themed game that offers not only fun gameplay but also high multipliers, a hefty jackpot and a chance to win real money. Since its release, SpaceXY has ranked first in the ranking of crash-type games.

Overview of How the SpaceXY Game Works

SpaceXY slot is one of the most popular online slots due to its unique features, 97% RTP and the gaming experience it provides to players.

  • Primeiro lugar em, SpaceXY has a fascinating space theme that makes the game more interesting and exciting. Players can immerse themselves in the world of spaceships, galaxies and alien creatures, as well as enjoy vibrant graphics and animations that create the effect of complete immersion in the online game world.
  • In second place, SpaceXY offers many winning combinations and bonus features that make astronaut game more profitable and exciting.
  • In third place, SpaceXY slot is available at several online casinos, which makes it accessible to a large audience of players. Most online casinos offer the option to play SpaceXY both for real money and in demo mode, which allows beginners to try out the game and get comfortable before playing SpaceXY for real money.

Overall, SpaceXY slot is a popular choice for online slot lovers in Brazil. With its unique features, high-quality graphics, and breathtaking visuals, gamers keep coming back to play more.

Space XY — Space betting game

Features of SpaceXY

SpaceXY online game is not just a picture with high-quality graphics. Among other things, it is also a unique opportunity to become a pilot and take risks like an astronaut, while your earnings directly depend on the height you manage to climb. It is important to remember that height plays a key role in the SpaceXY astronaut game, as it is the probability that will be used to calculate your winning bet. However, do not overdo it, as it is important to stop the takeoff in time so as not to lose all funds. The right time to buy the bet is when the astronaut is still in the process of ascent. If you do not have time to redeem the bet before the growth of multipliers stops, then all your funds will be lost.

It should be noted that the win multiplier starts at 1x and gradually increases every second until the astronaut reaches the maximum height. Your winnings will be equal to the product of the multiplier and the amount of your bet at the time of cash out. Before the start of each round, SpaceXY uses a fair random number generator that generates a coefficient at which your astronaut takes off. Players can check the fairness of each round in SpaceXY's astronaut game using the available functionality.

How is player payout calculated? See an example. You made a bet of 30 reais. You also used the auto-draw feature and chose odds of x3. This means that, if the astronaut reaches this proportion, his payment will be 90 reais. It's always worth considering all the risks. If you don't have time to cash out your winnings, you will lose your bet.

Space XY Rocket Gambling

Rocket Looting Feature

SpaceXY game features that allow players to enjoy the astronaut game and enjoy winnings cannot leave punters indifferent. For example, betting and cashout are key features that allow players to control their funds and withdraw winnings at any convenient time. Bets can be adjusted according to the chosen strategy and balance size. And the loot feature gives you more control over the SpaceXY astronaut game and boosts players' confidence.

When the multiplier reaches the desired size, just click on the Cashout button and receive your winnings, which are equal to the bet amount multiplied by the Cashout coefficient. Do not forget that success in the SpaceXY astronaut game depends not only on luck, but also on your competence. Trust your knowledge and you can become a true professional in the world of gambling.

The SpaceXY game also has an auto-loot feature. This is a useful feature that is under the “Auto” menu in the bid panel. After activating it, your bet will be automatically withdrawn when it reaches the odds you have set. This is very useful if you don't want to constantly keep track of odds changes and worry about your bets. Simply set your desired odds and your bet will be automatically withdrawn when it is reached. In this way, you can save a lot of time and focus on the game.

Don't forget to use this feature if you want to increase your chances of winning SpaceXY! This in turn allows players to focus on the SpaceXY game and not on when they need to finish the game and withdraw their winnings. Also, the team of experts at Aviaorevue recommends checking out popular betting strategies and tips that will definitely increase your chances of winning.

How to Place Bets on the SpaceXY Game 

Crash games continue to steadily gain engagement from players in different countries. These games are very popular with bookmakers because they can entertain players during the break between sports matches.

SpaceXY is very flexible and offers players several types of bets:

  • single bets – in this case, only one bet per spin is available.
  • Multiple bets – Players can place multiple bets per round at the same time.

In addition, players can choose a betting strategy that increases the chances of winning. These betting strategies can also be adjusted for minimum and maximum bet. Players will be happy to know that SpaceXY offers a wide range of bets, from 1 real to 100 reais (R$). Starting with the minimum bet is ideal for beginners. However, using the maximum bet is only recommended for experienced players.

How to Play SpaceXY: Main Buttons on the Control Panel:

  • confirm bet: used to confirm the bet amount before the next spin.
  • 2x: allows you to double the selected bet amount before the start of a new round in SpaceXY.
  • autoplay: Allows players to set various features to automatically start the game, such as the number of rounds and the balance at which rounds should be stopped. In addition, you can set a win limit and a loss limit.
  • add amount: Allows players to quickly increase their bets with customizable amounts.
  • Auto cash out: Defines the odds value at which bets will be automatically closed.
  • automatic withdrawal 50%: Similar to Auto Withdraw, but allows players to withdraw 50% of their balance when the coefficient is reached. You can also use the 50% output in manual mode.
  • Sale: displays the balance available for betting on SpaceXY, including winnings.

Basic Recommendations and Best Betting Strategy

Winning requires a well-planned strategy for Space XY. Although you can play Space XY with multiple bets, it is very important to know when to change bets or exit the round. You have to cash out before your spaceship crashes, which means you have to place a bet, wait for your ship to start flying, and cash out at the right moment.

Winning requires a certain strategy. Here are some tips:

  • Know when to cash out: The secret to making money is to cash out before the astronaut's ship crashes. It is risky to wait for higher multipliers, but be aware that if you wait too long you could lose your bets.
  • Use Autoplay Carefully, Wisely: Autoplay can be a useful tool, but be sure to use it wisely. Set a reasonable number of autoplays and don't forget to change the rates according to the situation.
  • Manage your bank balance: Set a budget for each game session and stick to it. Don't run after losses; it's better to leave and try another time.
  • Take advantage of free bonus rounds: They will help you increase your winnings.
  • Try the demo mode: Before playing SpaceXY for real money, try playing the demo mode to understand the slot mechanics and develop your strategy.

Remember that intuition plays a crucial role in this slot machine. If you are brave, playing SpaceXY with two bets at the same time can be very profitable. This strategy is your chance to win up to 10.000 times your stake!

Players must not only follow the betting recommendations, but also practice Responsible Gaming with their money. For transactions, you should choose only proven and safe payment methods, as well as reliable betting platforms.

Which Gambling Site Has SpaceXY?

Where is the best place to play SpaceXY? How to choose a safe betting platform? These are questions that Brazilian players have certainly asked themselves. To facilitate the search for bettors, the text below presents a classification of reliable bookmakers and casinos, such as Pin Up, Pixbet, Betano, 1win, Blaze and KTO.

Pin Up

This licensed bookmaker in Curacao offers sports betting, collision games and standard casino games.

Payment Limits 

Many payment systems are available on the site, including the most popular PIX payments. The minimum deposit starts from 10 BRL. There is no maximum deposit on the site. Players can also use auto-loot for SpaceXY. There are also no limits on earnings.


The site has a bonus for new players in the amount of 100% of the deposit amount. The loyalty program works continuously.


This bookmaker started its work in Latin America. Crash games are placed in a separate category and are located in the top main menu.

Payment Limits  

The minimum deposit on the site is from BRL 10 and the minimum withdrawal of winnings is from BRL 20. There are no payment restrictions.


The bookmaker is not very generous with bonuses, so only a free bet worth 20 reais is available on the site. You can get it only if you predict the results of the match.


The betting platform has been operating since 2018 and has a high rating. The site is licensed by the government of Curacao.

Payment Limits  

The minimum deposit starts from R$20 and the minimum withdrawal amount from R$50. The maximum withdrawal cannot exceed R$10.000 per week either.


The site has a $150 deposit bonus.


This gambling platform is aiming to become an industry leader. On the site, in addition to the original versions of the collision games, games adapted to the site with similar mechanics are also available.

Payment Limits  

The minimum deposit, as with most gambling platforms, is C$10, and the minimum withdrawal amount starts at C$20. There are no withdrawal restrictions.


All new players receive a 200% welcome bonus on their first three deposits. In addition, the site has many useful recommendations on how to use the bonus for the player to bet less.


The KTO website completes this classification. This secure gambling platform with a Curacao license can give you a good time.

Payment Limits  

The minimum deposit is 20 reais and the minimum withdrawal is 50 reais. The limits may vary according to the player's level. If you use all betting tips, the maximum winnings can be 1.000.000 reais.


Players from Brazil can receive the standard 100% first deposit bonus. Many experts recommend visiting the site regularly to get the most out of the loyalty program.

How to Play SpaceXY in a Casino?

  1. Click on our banner to proceed with the registration on the site;
  2. Fill in the form with all the necessary information;
  3. Log into your account;
  4. Make the first deposit;
  5. Okay, now just start playing SpaceXY.

Use all recommendations in the article to ensure your gaming experience is safe and fair

Frequently asked questions

How to play Space XY?

A person will not be able to start playing for real money unless they register and attempt to make a deposit. Only after the funds appear in the player's account can he bet on Space XY and play. He must remember that the rounds are short and the rocket explodes randomly. If the player withdraws from the bet before the disaster, he wins, if he misses the moment and does not have time to draw a conclusion, he loses. A person with experience playing at least one of the alternate games quickly understands how to play Space XY.

Is Space XY safe?

The programmers who developed the project, first of all, thought and installed protection that could not be hacked. Gamers who dream of winning and think that some kind of bot will help them with this are mistaken. Space XY is shielded from any outside interference. Players do not need to trust scammers and try various dishonest methods. It could end badly for them. If a person wants to win in Space XY, it is better to focus on the gameplay and trust your intuition.

Where to play Space XY?

Many casinos manage to provide crash games to users. It is difficult for the player to navigate and make a good choice where to play Space XY. In order to be confident in the Operator, some tips can help the user: ask about the availability of a license for the gaming platform, pay attention to player reviews, before starting to play at Space XY, find out what bonus promotions the casino offers for new players.

How to play Space XY for free?

People can play this game for free on online resources that have this slot in the menu. When a player selects the Space XY demo version, he gets a certain virtual amount on his game balance. He will be able to bet and play using all available features. The only negative is that the money on the balance will disappear immediately after the player leaves the game.

Beginners like to conduct the Space XY test this way and analyze the slot in more detail. The demo version can be used not only by new players. For those looking for their own style of play, this is a great opportunity to experiment with different strategies.

Space XY game features

🚀 Type of gameCrash Game / Rocket / Little Rocket / Space / Betting
💵 Minimum betR$ 1
💵 Maximum betR$ 500
📈 Space XY RTP97%
🕹 DeveloperBgaming
🎮 Where to play?Pin Up, Parimatch
📈 Predictornot
🎮 Free Game [Demo]You can play for free
🎮 Alternative gameAviator, jetx, LuckyJet, spaceman
📙 LanguagesPortuguese / English
🎲Jackpotn / A
💎 Space XY Maximum win x10000
🎮 OthersBlack Background, Space
📱 Devices to play withDownload and play on smartphone
🖥 TechnologyJS, HTML5

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