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The exciting game about the flight of the yellow airship Zeppelin crash is in the online casino sections of many well-known bookmakers. This is a special slot that belongs to a new generation of games that are radically different from the usual gambling entertainments. Bettors like the simplicity of the mechanics and rules of this online project. By placing bets on this crash game, players quickly get the result that depends on their actions.

The purpose of this review is to help users get a general impression of the Zeppelin simulator. The article brings a comprehensive analysis of gameplay in the airship adventure, considers betsolutions, bonuses, graphic design and soundtrack used in the slot. Here are also published tips for the aeronautical game Zeppelin crash and common strategies among players. Providing expert advice on how to find the information they need will help punters improve their gaming experience.

Players in Brazil who choose to play the crash games will be able to properly appreciate the relevance of reviewing yet another exciting project in this category. From the considered aspects of the game about dangerous adventures in the sky, Zeppelin, players can identify the specific attributes that suit their preferences when choosing a casino game.

Zeppelin air travel game review

The project was created by BetSolutions in 2022. Zeppelin air travel game belongs to the innovative crash slots. The RTP is 96,3%. Projects of this type are built on provably fair technologies, which guarantee gamers the transparency of the game. Players place one or two bets and watch the multiplier grow on the screen during the flight of a large airship. 

About 85.000 Brazilian online casino users play Zeppelin crash. The theme and concept of the game is related to explosive aerial adventures. Playing this slot, the bettor not only has fun, but also receives a surge of emotions and adrenaline and wins money.

Mechanics in the Zeppelin adventure game

Zeppelin crash slot has mechanics that are easy for players to understand. Despite the involvement in the online game, the participant, during the round, needs to perform only a few actions. Before starting to play for real money, all users register and make a deposit into the account of the casino where they are going to play. What is the gameplay of online betting in the Zeppelin aeronautical game?

  1. Before the start of the round, players place 1 or 2 bets. They have two options on how to do this.
  2. In the case of using the manual bet resource, players indicate the desired amount in the appropriate field and confirm their participation in the next round by clicking on the large green button with the inscription “Place your bet”. The button changes color to red with the inscription “Cancel”. 

As soon as a round starts in the Zeppelin game, the button changes color again, but this time to yellow, and the word “Withdraw” and numbers appear on it. These increasing numbers show the player the size of possible winnings in case of a timely withdrawal of money.

  1. To simplify the above process, the player can activate the automatic betting function. All settings are located under the airship image at the bottom of the Zeppelin air travel game screen. For the convenience of placing bets, players can increase their amount using the x2, x4, x8 and Maximum buttons.
  2. After starting the slot, the yellow striped airship starts its flight. The big white numbers in the center of the Zeppelin crash screen show how the multiplier increases in the game.
  3. When the multiplier size becomes sufficient for the player, he clicks on the yellow button titled “Withdraw” and withdraws the money.
  4. Players can also withdraw bets on the Zeppelin simulator in automatic mode. The necessary settings for this process are also placed under the airship image. The player needs to activate them and specify the numerical value of the multiplier. In that case, when the match coefficient increases to the specified number, bets will be withdrawn automatically.
  5. In each round of the Zeppelin crash slot, the airship explodes at an unpredictable time. In order not to lose bets, the player needs to withdraw them before the explosion.

Players should be aware that rounds in Zeppelin sky exploration game are short and if using manual method then need to focus on gameplay. Slot navigation is simple, design is clear. The game's plot is captivating and is based on a popular theme in crash games related to air adventures and travel.

Since Zeppelin slot has no reels or symbols, free spins are not played on it either. But the developers made players a bonus offer in the form of a jackpot, when the game multiplier reaches values ​​\u500b\u900bof x2 to xXNUMX. The size of the jackpot is divided proportionally to the bets made by the participants. Players who have withdrawn their bets up to the xXNUMX multiplier will not be able to participate in this offer.

Zeppelin crash's high RTP and medium volatility allow players who play this crash game to frequently receive huge payouts. To analyze the maximum multiplier sizes reached in the last rounds, players can open the corresponding tab, located below the game image of the airship and above the buttons for the main functions of Zeppelin.

Graphic and sound design of the Zeppelin crash game

The slot is minimalist, on a dark gray background, a yellow airship moves between perpendicular coordinate axes. The color scheme is well chosen. Against the general background, the buttons for betting stand out, which sequentially change colors from green to red and yellow. The feeling of flying in the Zeppelin aviation game is enhanced by the movement of points along coordinate axes. Exploding, the airship breaks into small red pieces.

The game's soundtrack conforms to the minimalist design style. The melody is calm and does not distract players from gameplay in Zeppelin. During the flight, periodic beeps appear through the music, indicating that the object's movement continues. The explosion harmoniously fits into the atmosphere of the game and does not stand out against the general background.

Zeppelin Game Bonus Features and Jackpots

BetSolutions, developer of Zeppelin, has a jackpot bonus. In order for players to qualify for a prize, the multiplier must reach x500 – x900 in-game. A prerequisite is bets made by players in the round that were not withdrawn before the multiplier reaches the x2 value. The jackpot is divided proportionally between all bets that meet the conditions.

At most reputable casinos, new players are welcomed with a welcome bonus. A beginner receives a bonus promotion, expressed as a percentage of the amount of money he spent to make his first deposit to the casino account. The welcome bonus can also include free spins. The funds that the player receives in the form of such a bonus, can later be used for wagering on the Zeppelin aviation game.

Bonus features also include promotions with promo codes, tournaments and events held by administrations at online casinos. After participants and winners fulfill the wagering requirements, the received funds can be used by them to play Zeppelin crash.

Strategies used by players in the Zeppelin game

All players are different. They have different temperaments and need for risk. Some gamblers are happy with small wins, others strive to get the maximum adrenaline from gambling and big winnings. Strategies used in Zeppelin also depend on players' financial preferences and abilities. Since the mechanics of the slot consist of random programming elements, all players have an equal chance of winning. 

That's why using strategies in Zeppelin adventure game cannot guarantee 100% winnings. In that case, for users who want to get an answer to the question: why are strategies needed? The answer is simple – the purpose of its uses is to increase players' chances of winning. The best way for every player on this path is to find their own style of how to play Zeppelin. To simplify the search, this section contains detailed descriptions of the game strategies most used by players.

  1. The basic rule for beginners is to get the experience with the least risk to your online casino account balance. They have such an opportunity in the demo version of the game. This option is ideal for learning all of Zeppelin's features and the strategy chosen by the player. This method is free and the player can return to it as many times as necessary.
  2. When a player starts betting with real money, he should use small amounts and withdraw them with low multipliers. This game strategy in Zeppelin simulator is justified for those players who still don't have a good experience.
  3. One of the most frequently used methods in crash games is the Martingale system. The essence of this method is to double bets after a player loses a round. To better understand this strategy for Zeppelin, players can consider an example: the player placed a bet on a game of 4 reais and lost. 

The next bet will be 4 x 2 = 8 reais. If the player loses, he doubles the value of the previous bet again to use it in the next round, 8 x 2 = 16 reais, etc. After a winning round on Zeppelin, the player returns to the bet he made at the beginning, i.e. 4 reais. Then all player actions are repeated.

  1. What is the Fibonacci strategy? The application of this method in crash games by the player starts with the third bet, in case the previous 2 have been lost. To determine the value of the third bet in the Zeppelin aeronautical game, the player needs to add the previous two lost bets. 

Let's say the player bets 35 and 10 reais on the first and second rounds, respectively. So for the third bet he needs to add 35 + 10 = 45 reais. If he loses again, then the fourth bet will be equal to 10 + 45 = 55 reais, and so on.

  1. Another strategy often used by players of crash and Zeppelin games is called D'Alembert. To understand it, the player will need a little more knowledge in mathematics. To begin with, he should designate for himself a certain conventional unit, say 3 dollars. If the player wins the game, he reduces the bet by the number previously indicated by him, 3 reais. If he loses, he increases the bet by 3 reais. 

For example: a player made a bet on Zeppelin of 30 reais and lost, he raises the next one by 3 reais 30 + 3 = 33. When a player made a bet of 33 reais, he lost again, and now he needs to raise another 3 reais, 33 + 3 = 36 reais. If the player wins, he needs to reduce the bet by 3 reais, 36 – 3 = 33 reais, etc.

Interested users can first try the strategies suggested in the demo version of the game. This way of playing Zeppelin crash is absolutely safe for the casino account. When players have decided which method is right for them and have gained the necessary experience, they can move on to real money gambling.

User experience in the popular game Zeppelin

Project Zeppelin stands out from the usual online casino slots for users. It is dynamic, engaging and gives participants the opportunity not only to place bets but also to influence the outcome. Within minutes, players can win huge sums of money. Games like Zeppelin crash are currently trending at most popular online casinos. The performance of this slot on mobile platforms is high. 

Gamers like to play using mobile devices. Zeppelin has desktop and mobile versions. To play on their cell phones or tablets, players need to access the official page of a casino they trust and download the app. Also, for this they can use the mobile version of the gaming site. How to improve gameplay? Timely updating operating systems on mobile devices and deleting unnecessary files will improve the playback quality of the Zeppelin aviation game.

The Zeppelin game community

The minimalist design and unobtrusive background music were appreciated by many players. The simplicity of mechanics and rules is inherent in all crash category games. The Zeppelin simulator is also part of this type of gambling entertainment. The age of the most active fans of the project is from 20 to 49 years old. 

Of great importance for the sky exploration game community or Zeppelin, is participation in player forums, thematic groups on social networks. After all, any news about the project spreads quickly thanks to the gaming communities. All players want to stay up to date with new bonuses and promotions that can be used for additional bets on this slot.

The Zeppelin game has many advantages and takes its rightful place in the online casino

All aspects discussed in the review about this game give reason to recommend Zeppelin as a great way for players to spend their free time having fun and earning at the casino. The logic is understandable to the majority of the gaming audience and contributes to the involvement of the masses in the gameplay. Zeppelin's core and additional features open up great opportunities for players.

The excellent RTP indicator and project volatility allow players to win frequently. The dynamism of the rounds saves participants time. By choosing Zeppelin to play with, players will experience the thrill of flying to new heights and be able to significantly increase the cash balance in their casino account. A game about the perilous journey of an airship will allow players to look at virtual adventures in a new way.

Zeppelin game in general

🚀 Game typeCrash
📅Game release dateMarch 2022
📈 RTP96.3%
📈 max multiplierx900
💵minimum betR$ 1
💵Maximum betR$ 10000
🎮Where to play?Pin Up, Betano, KTO, Estrela Bet, Blaze

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