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Get a bonus for playing the game: 1 500 R$

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Best plane games to bet on in 2023

Every year, the gaming industry delights gamers in Brazil with exciting new projects, many of which become popular. The leaders in 2023 are plane games like Aviator, Spaceman and JetX. They are modern, colorful and profitable.

Best plane games to bet on in 2023

What is an airplane game bet and how can players place it?

Well-known providers, authors of crash games, have managed to create a unique product that combines the best components from the two domains of betting and gambling. The creators of airplane games went even further – they improved some of the features. By playing these games, players can not only place a bet, but also withdraw it whenever they want, without having to wait for the end of the round.

In the little plane game, the amount of winnings depends on the multiplier, similar to sports betting, where the win depends on the odds. Players betting on plane simulators have the advantage of being able to cash out when they decide the multiplier has reached the ideal size for the current round. In this case, players don't have to wait until the end to withdraw their winnings. Also, the multiplier in airplane games can reach three digits.

The plot in all games of this type is based on the flight of the plane, rocket, character or some other flying object. Airplane slots are an essential part of the crash games category, and they are multiplayer. They are characterized not only by a similar logic, but also by a sequence of actions so that players can place a bet.

  1. In airplane games, the player can place one or two bets. This process can be done manually and automatically. The corresponding settings are located below, under the image of the plane or the main character.
  2. After starting the slot, the aircraft (object) starts flying.
  3. While the plane is in flight, the multiplier increases.
  4. When the coefficient in plane simulators reaches the size that the bettor likes, he presses the button to withdraw money.
  5. In arcade plane games, players need to withdraw their bet before the end of the round.
  6. The bettor must take into account that the round always ends unexpectedly.
  7. As soon as the object stops flying (disappears, explodes, falls) – the session will end.
  8. For the player to win, he must withdraw money during the flight and before the accident.

All plane games are multiplayer. In these plane simulators there are basic and additional features. In Brazil, as well as in other countries, a bettor who is in a multiplayer game can communicate with other players via chat. To place a bet or withdraw it, the player can use automatic mode, the settings of which are located at the bottom of the rocket game screen.

Characteristics and peculiarities of the most popular airplane games

Crash games have a lot in common. They are dynamic, have similar mechanics and logic, are multiplayer – these factors have a positive effect on the popularization of slots in the gaming environment in Brazil. The concept of airplane games is related to the theme of airplane.

Almost every project has different models of aircraft and airports, and the plot is based on air traffic control or the flight of a character (object). However, each of the popular airplane simulator games in Brazil has its own characteristics.

  1. Aviator online is the first multiplayer slot that was created in 2019 and managed to surprise the audience. The little red plane, with its flight, paved the way for a new direction in the gambling industry. In game design, black is the predominant color. But the red plane and white multiplier numbers contrast well with the dark background. There is little animation or special effects in this plane game, which appeals to players in Brazil who prefer minimalism.
  2. Spaceman online game is one of the newest multiplayer projects. The slot is colorful and interesting. A charming astronaut will have to make a dangerous flight in space, where he will meet an asteroid or meteorite on his way. This airplane game has a lot of animation and special effects. Spaceman is popular in Brazil not only because the bettor can win money, but people really liked the main character who tries to contact them and gives them hearts.
  3. The JetX online game is also among the most popular online multiplayer slots in Brazil. In this Jet X game, the main character is a jet plane. If the player thought he was going to enter a flight simulation in which he would be the pilot, he is wrong. Here, the punter takes on the role of one of the skydivers who jump out of the drop bay in a panic, hoping to escape. Everyone realizes that the plane is about to explode and it is impossible to use the firefighting function.

As follows from the given list, all airplane games are flight simulators. The difference is that each of these multiplayer games, now popular in Brazil, has its own plot and catastrophic circumstances that the object or character faces.

What strategies are players using to bet on the plane games in 2023?

Players use different betting strategies to manage their bankroll. The use of any strategy cannot guarantee victory in the bet plane game, but it can increase the chances of winning. What methods are popular with players in Brazil and other countries? Since plane simulators have similar mechanics, identical strategies can be used to bet on them.

The most popular is the Martingale method. This method consists of doubling the bet amount after each round in which the player loses. This process continues until the winning round. After that, the bet amount reverts to the original. But this strategy is not for everyone. Beginners prefer to place small bets and withdraw them with low odds. The choice of strategy depends on a person's degree of risk and the amount of money he is willing to spend on airplane games. What are the features to withdraw bets on the games in question?

  1. Since the plane unexpectedly disappears in the Aviator bet game, players need to have time to withdraw money before that moment. To simplify the gameplay, players can enable autoplay mode. To do this, in the appropriate Aviator settings, they indicate the multiplier amount at which the bet will be automatically withdrawn.
  2. In Spaceman, an astronaut in overalls collides with an asteroid, the player who withdraws money before the disaster becomes the winner. To simplify the game, the bettor can use the automatic withdrawal.
  3. In JetX, the participant needs to withdraw the bet before the vehicle explodes. In Jet X, as in all plane simulators, there is a loot mode.

In order for the bettor to feel confident when applying strategies in the plane online game, there is an opportunity to practice for free in the demo mode. This option is risk-free and financially secure.

Most reviews and ratings for gambling in Brazil in 2023 note the stability of Aviator, Spaceman and Jet X in the leading positions. Many online casino players consider these plane simulators to be the best. People who like to play Aviator and similar slots should remember responsible gambling and treat gameplay rationally.

How to win in airplane games?

All games in the airplane simulator category have a high RTP of 96-97%. Earnings depend on the goals that the player sets for himself. How to make money or increase the chances of winning?

  1. The player determines the total amount of money he will spend on the game.
  2. He also decides how many rounds he will participate in and what the bet sizes will be.
  3. Depending on the degree of risk of the upcoming game, the bettor chooses a strategy.
  4. He also decides whether he wants to use automatic play or push the buttons himself.
  5. The player plays the plane game online and executes the previously chosen strategy and respects the established financial limits.

People who see airplane simulators as entertainment know when to stop. If a person controls himself and properly assesses the situation, he has more chances to win. Players should also remember that luck in online casino games is an important factor.

Expert Opinions on Trends and Innovations in the Airplane Game Industry

Most experts agree that the growing trend in the popularity of airplane games will continue for years to come. The development of games with mechanics similar to Spribe's Aviator will increase significantly. In the near future, players in Brazil should expect new interesting and more colorful projects.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best airplane game to earn money?

The most popular game is Aviator. Since the mechanics and logic of all plane simulators are similar, the probability of winning is the same for them.

What is the secret of the airplane game?

There is no secret in airplane simulators. Gameplay is transparent and open to all players equally.